The Author

Dear reader,

I have been posting, answering posts, commenting on posts, usually in well known internet publications and newspapers.

Over the years I have become more and more unimpressed with the quality of English used, the quality of writing, the quality of questions asked, (both written and vocal), and generally the complete lack of common sense and courtesy afforded when people get involved in online “discussions”.

To this end, instead of frequently posting, answering posts and commenting on posts, I have decided to write a blog. The idea is that, hopefully, a different topic each post will be dissected and I will try and offer an objective view on the relevant merits or otherwise of said topic. The topics will be grouped under individual categories as I expect to cover different areas of the same theme from time to time.

Your views are very welcome as this is not at all about me, other than to save myself the time and effort of posting, answering posts and commenting on posts. I hope you will find the time to give this a read and I look forward to comments, positive and negative.

Thank you

Iain Anderson

(Update: Since starting this blog it has become very evident that the football articles are attracting far, far more interest than any of the other topics. As a result of this I will be concentrating most of my efforts on this subject in future. That is not to say I will totally ignore every other subject and indeed, if something interesting is noteworthy, I will endeavour to include it.)

Iain is from Manchester but has lived in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol since 1993, having spent the previous year in Vilamoura on the Algarve.

He has been a lifelong supporter of Manchester United and likes to keep an eye on all things Mancunian. To this end he also follows the progress of FC United, whose home ground of Broadhurst Park is in the Manchester district of Moston, where Iain was born. He watches Manchester City and likes to see them do well, but not at the expense of United. In this respect he is not typically Mancunian as he doesn’t hate the “other club”, probably arising from childhood when he would be taken to Maine Road one week and Old Trafford the next.

Also of interest is Lancashire County Cricket Club and he watches them whenever possible, whichever division they happen to be in at the time.

Likes include homemade non-alcoholic Mojito, Pacharan, living in Spain, swimming, crosswords, PC games and cruising when possible. Dislikes include tattoos on women, ponytails on men, traffic lights, bad drivers, traffic wardens, reality TV shows, smarmy Sky Sports TV presenters, soap operas, royalty, (the concept, not necessarily the people), all Americanisms but particularly the nauseating “Oh my God!”, acronyms, bad service anywhere for anything and not being able to go cruising.

Iain has also had many articles published online but felt the restrictive nature of the publications was hampering his ambitions to write on a broader scale, (It was nothing to do with writing for the benefit of somebody else and not being paid, honestly). He has written many articles for Pundit Arena, ManUnews, Sabotage Times, HITC, Footie Quiz and, as a guest, This Is Futbol.

For anybody wishing to read any of his articles below is a list of links:

Current articles for Man U News can be viewed here

Archived articles for Pundit Arena can be viewed here

And here

Archived articles for This is Futbol can be viewed here

Archived articles for HITC can be viewed here

Archived articles for Sabotage Times can be viewed here

Archived articles for Footie Quiz can be viewed here

Why Say Anything? also has articles featured on the following website:

Dispensable Soccer view here

And is linked with:

Football News Daily view here

Scoop Dragon Publishing view here

Just Man Utd Blogs view here

Bread and Butter Football view here

E-Soccer view here


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