More Transfer Bits & Pieces: Including Anybody Who Is Anybody And Many Bodies Who Aren’t!

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Apparently Mo Salah has no intention of leaving Liverpool for Real Madrid this summer. Liverpool fans would like to think that this was never his intention but it is being reported that his failed foul on Sergio Ramos, which resulted in Salah himself being injured, has put him off going to the Spanish capital and he is awaiting an apology from Ramos, who hasn’t been in touch since the game.

Call us sceptical if you wish, but we think Salah could be waiting a long time for his apology.

The other interesting aspect of this tale is that Barcelona have supposedly expressed an interest in the player and, although he has said he will not be leaving Liverpool for Madrid, he has not said the same about Barcelona.

After all this, when the new season starts he will still be at Liverpool!

In more Real Madrid news, one newspaper is reporting that the Spaniards are offering Gareth Bale back to Tottenham Hotspur. They call this news “sensational” yet, if they had done any homework whatsoever they would have been aware that Spurs have the first right of refusal on the player.

What is interesting about this report, whilst still not reaching the giddy heights of being “sensational”, is that Madrid are reported to want Christian Eriksen as part of the deal.

Whatever is going to happen probably isn’t going to happen until Florentino Perez appoints a new manager, despite many people thinking that it is the president himself who conducts most of the transfer business at The Bernabeu.

Meanwhile, at Old Trafford…..

In slightly worrying reports from Old Trafford, if true, José Mourinho is now looking for a back-up striker to Romelu Lukaku, rather than a new left-back.


Luke Shaw – May still have a future at Old Trafford but for how long is anybody’s guess!

This is worrying for a number of reasons. Firstly, Mourinho doesn’t appear to have any confidence in Luke Shaw which suggests that he is going to start the new season with Ashley Young. Young is an ageing winger and not a very good one. He has been converted into an ageing left back, a position at which he also isn’t very good.

So unless Shaw is going to be given a starting role then this change of priority doesn’t make any sense at all.

As far as a back-up for Lukaku is concerned Mourinho is looking for the same type of player as the Belgian, which would explain why he doesn’t think any of his THREE current back-ups could play the position. Alexis Sånchez, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are all capable of playing as the main striker if required.

As usual, José will end up doing what he wants and the proof of the pudding will be when it is eaten next season.

In another part of Manchester…..

Over at City the talk is about a new contract for Raheem Sterling. He’s the one who scores a few goals, by being in the right place at the right time, but still loses the ball more than any other player and gives away possession far too cheaply and far too often.

Apparently, as is the case with several players nowadays, Sterling thinks he is worth a lot more money than he is being offered and wants parity with the top players at The Etihad. Dream on Raheem! Why would he be paid anywhere near as much as Kevin De Bruyne or Sergio Agüero? He isn’t anywhere near as good a player as they are.

If City really mean business in these negotiations then they will sell him because, after all, he isn’t THAT good!

In London…..


Lucas Torreira – A relatively cheap midfielder who Arsenal are still struggling to afford!

In news that will have Arsenal fans Googling his name furiously, Lucas Torreira, of Sampdoria, is likely to be the next Unai Emery signing. He is a 22 year-old Uruguayan midfielder who comes highly recommended by the club’s scouts.

As usual with Arsenal, there is a potential stumbling block and this time it’s not the size of the fee it’s the fact that they can’t afford to pay it at all! Well, not in one go anyaway.

Despite all of Arséne Wenger’s years of frugality where he looked after every penny as though it were his own and despite having the most expensive season tickets in the Premier League Arsenal cannot afford to pay £22 million to improve their squad.

That’s what persevering with a manager who only makes it into the Europa League because he can’t get into the top four in the Premier League does for a team who were, at one time, used to competing with the top clubs, not just sitting in the stands watching them!

In other London no-news…..

Chelsea still don’t have a new manager and Tottenham haven’t yet convinced Ebenezer….. Daniel Levy to buy new players, he is still recovering from the shock of having to pay Harry Kane more than he gets himself.

And finally…..

Back to Liverpool and The Echo report that a Brazilian newspaper has reported that the club have offered £57 million for Roma goalkeeper Alisson. Roma want £79 million for him so there is a little room for manoeuvre.

Our bet is that Jürgen Klopp will turn his attention elsewhere and that Alisson will end up at Real Madrid for around £65 million.

  1. That is good. Lfc needs to keep their best players to achieve anything.


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