About WSA

Why Say Anything? was the original idea of owner and editor Iain Anderson, a Mancunian living in Spain.

He has had many articles published over the years while freelancing for a number of internet publications including HITC, This Is Futbol, Scoop Dragon Publishing and Pundit Arena.

The very first post written for WSA was published back in July 2015 and, at that time, the website was intended to be a vehicle covering many different topics. This, however, did not remain the intention for very long.

It soon became clear that the articles about football, particularly Premier League football, were getting far more views than any other subject and so this became, initially, the main subject and subsequently the only subject.

This is not to imply that no other footballing article would be published, in fact WSA has recently published articles about the international break and the World Cup, so there is still room for a little diversity.

The motto for WSA is ‘Quality before Quantity’ and this is adhered to by publishing one quality article every week rather than attempting to run with the masses and produce inferior articles.

The aim is that people visiting WSA will find something informative, entertaining and, hopefully, something which gives them a reason to come back the next week, and the next.

Enjoy the site and please leave honest comments about the articles or anything else on which you may wish to express an opinion.

Thank you.