Angel Sneaks Off To Paris

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion
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It seems that, whenever Angel Di Maria does anything controversial, it always involves a third party and it is usually their fault.

When he left Real Madrid he felt the need to make excuses so he wouldn’t be globally detested by the supporters of los Blancos. He had been there for four years so the fans, by this time, would know whether they thought he was good, bad or just plain ugly.

This is a sentence from his open letter to them;
‘Unfortunately, I have to go but I want to make clear that this was never my desire.’

After he spent just one season at Old Trafford, the United fans had every right to be a little more confused than the Madrid fans. They were expecting big things from him and feel greatly let down and disrespected by the way he has acted. To them he is just plain ugly. Again, however, he felt the need to apportion the blame.

Here is a piece of the 2015 version adapted for Manchester United fans;
‘It wasn’t just my decision to leave. If I left it was also because they decided to sell me.’

Notice how he says, “If I left…….”, as though he’s still not sure where he’s supposed to be, a recurring theme with little Angel.

Throughout his season at United he suffered at the hands of others.

Some nasty men broke into his house through a door he left open and would have burgled him had it not been for the fact that he was dining with his family at the time, so they thought better of it.

This, of course, meant he immediately had to move his family into a five star hotel, (as any right minded male would do having suffered a break-in).

Then the nasty manager left him out of the team when he wasn’t playing well.

Then a nasty referee sent him off for grabbing his arm in an attempt to remonstrate with him and, no doubt, do what football players have been trying to do since time immemorial, get him to change his mind.

So of course all this resulted in a loss of form and confidence in El Fideo, as he was known in Madrid.

His behaviour when the season finished can also be put down to the way he was treated while at United.

Naturally, after the Copa America, he needed a rest. In just under a month, (23 days), he had played in six games of football, that’s a whole nine hours! That is very tiring, it’s an hour of football every 2.5 days, no wonder the poor soul was knackered!

In the final he managed to get injured just to confirm his “rest needed” status and, fortunately,  this kept him away from Manchester so no further harm could befall him.

Then, when he was due to meet with the United team in the US of A, some dastardly low life gave him duff information about his plane’s departure time and, by the time he had figured out how to change a flight ticket, United were back in Manchester. He wasn’t. He was still in Buenos Aires.

At about this time or maybe sooner, (maybe even a year ago), his fairy godfather, who was living in Doha for tax purposes, decided that the little Angel should suffer no more. He whisked him off to Oil land to have a chat about whisking him off to Paris.

This was all done without permission from United so Louis did the only honourable thing he could, he fined him two weeks wages. Di Maria still hasn’t noticed.

The next thing we know is that Di Maria has coughed for the doctor, scrawled his x on a contract and is now a PSG player, at last!

As I have said in a previous blog all this could, and should, have been avoided. One way was for United not to have signed him. Another was for PSG not to have fallen foul of FFP regulations, then they could have signed him last year.

Anyway, the Di Maria saga is over for the time being but I doubt it is over permanently. Watch this space!


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