Will Gary Neville Return To Manchester United?

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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(The answer to the above question is that he probably will, but as a commentator!)

When Gary Neville’s ill fated stint in charge of Valencia reaches it’s inevitable conclusion, he will have a choice to make.

Assuming Peter Lim wants him to carry on in the role of coach at the Spanish club, which I actually doubt, he will have to make more of a commitment than he has done so far. I think it far more likely that Lim is looking for a replacement as I write.

Moving to Spain when you are a multi-millionaire ex-footballer is not the chore it once was and, indeed, still is for a lot of the less well-off ex-pats. He will have private tutors for his children and one for himself in order to try and learn Spanish, which he will not be able to do in five months, but he should master the basics.

He will have lawyers, solicitors, translators, all at his beck and call to smooth the transition from Manchester to Valencia.

The worst affected in this move will probably be the children, assuming that they have friends in Manchester. As previously mentioned, they will be tutored at home meaning they will rarely come into contact with other children, certainly not the Spanish ones, unless at club functions. His wife will find more well-off British women to pass the time with on the long days when hubby is at the training ground or travelling to away matches.

The question remains however, will he be asked to stay on or will he even want to stay on. He has already paved the way for a respectable exit by announcing that football management is not where he sees his future.

If the Valencia job has brought about this decision then it begs the question, why didn’t he start his short-lived managerial career in England? No language barriers, no school problems, no uprooting the whole family. He could have taken a local job and cut his teeth in a lower division.

The fact that he didn’t take this option suggests that he already knew he was only a short-term appointment and was happy to “give it a go”. He didn’t want a longer contract because he had no intention of remaining in the cut-throat world of football management. He “helped out a friend” basically, although quite why he had to move the whole family to Spain for five months is baffling. He probably wanted to give the impression, initially at least, that he was serious about a career in the manager’s chair.

At least now nobody can say he has never managed a club at the top level and maybe that is part of the reason also.

Gary is also still a coach with the England national team, a successful businessman with his part ownership of Hotel Football just opposite Old Trafford and his part ownership of Salford City FC and, with an open-ended invitation to return to Sky TV, it is unlikely that the Neville family will be begging on the streets anytime soon.

So what is the logical outcome of all this? Only Gary Neville, his family and closest friends know the answer to that question. My guess is that he wants to return to Sky and is missing England, as are his family. Keeping busy is one way of relieving boredom and sadness but, keeping busy on a project which clearly isn’t working, only adds to the emotions, particularly if, when you return home at night the family is not happy.

If I am right then we can expect to see Gary returning to Old Trafford to co-commentate on matches and try to make sense of the idiot with whom he is sharing the microphone.

Ed Chamberlin and Jamie Carragher will probably be welcoming back ex-manager of Valencia Gary Neville for the start of next season, let’s hope so.

  1. RedMe says:

    Maybe Mrs Neville decided that she rather the family stayed together, at the age of their daughters it is probably like a long holiday and certainly a chance for the children to learn a foreign language.

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  2. RedMe says:

    Kids pick up languages like sponges they are 6 and 7 years old they can’t have that many lessons.


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