Does The Signing Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic Show That Jose Mourinho Has No Long Term Plans At Manchester United?

Posted: July 10, 2016 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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That doesn’t mean to say that he doesn’t intend to be there for a while, just that it doesn’t appear that way at present.

The signing of Ibrahimovic seems to be a very short term engagement and one which is more likely to gain United nothing more than extra shirt sales.

Ibrahimovic played for a poor Sweden side during the Euros and, although they exited at the end of the group stage, he didn’t manage to score one goal. He had a decent time at PSG where he came across second rate defenders for most of his stay thus enabling him to score quite a few goals. It very much remains to be seen whether or not he can achieve the same in the English Premier league.

In signing Zlatan United also seem to have scuppered any realistic chances of signing another top class striker, such as Alvaro Morata, who scored three goals during Spain’s equally short visit to France. Why would he join United? To sit on the bench? Because it is very probable that Ibrahimovic has been promised a starting berth as part of his deal.

Henrikh Mhkitaryan is twenty seven years old and, therefore, at his peak. Although he has only had one outstanding season in the Bundesliga United are banking on this quality of performance being the norm from now onwards.

Eric Bailly is someone about whom Mourinho admits to not knowing a great deal. He has actually said that he is unsure whether the player is ready for Manchester United. This could be a gamble or a longer term problem, but for who? Mourinho or somebody else?

As for other reported interests, that is all they are at this stage, reported interests. As is always the case with United they will never confirm or deny reports linking them with players. This is very frustrating for the fans who get a little tired of the gutter press coming up with all kinds of weird and wonderful stories about who United will be buying and who is the latest interest.

I calculated not too long ago that, if Ed Woodward actually bought every player linked by the press then, up to now, United would have signed eleven new players.

Anyway, back to Mourinho. Maybe he is just playing his cards close to his chest. As most people are aware, he has never stayed in any of his other jobs more than three years so it is possible that he is prepared for any eventuality. He has never had to worry about who to buy or who to bring through from the academy four years down the line from his appointment for the simple reason that he has never been there four years after his appointment.

So everything has been geared for short term success. I think Mourinho would like this one to be different. Yes, United want short term success, but they also want medium and long term success and they would like continuity. So if they could achieve all three with the same manager then this is the route they’d choose.

Really, the bottom line is that it is all down to Jose Mourinho and how much he wants it!


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