Zlatan Ibrahimovic May Not Have Anything To Prove To Jose Mourinho, But He Has Plenty To Prove To Manchester United And The Fans

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Eric Cantona recently stated that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could become the “Prince of Manchester”. This title was the highest earthly one available according to Eric as HE was the “King of Manchester”.

The first task here is to correct Eric’s misunderstanding that he is the “King”. This title has always belonged, and will always belong, to Denis Law, regardless of whoever follows him.

Proof, if any were needed, can not only be found in the number of goals Law scored for United, but also in the lyrics of a famous old song which rang round Old Trafford for many years. Sang to the tune of “Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner”, the title was changed to “Maybe it’s because I’m from Manchester” and the final line was “and the King is Denis Law”. Older followers of these chronicles will remember it well.

Zlatan, in typical fashion, has declined the invitation to be the new “Prince of Manchester”, preferring instead the modest title of “God of Manchester”, after all why would he wish to be regarded as being beneath anybody?

Officially, this is a vacant title as nobody has either laid claim to it before or had it bestowed upon them. Zlatan, however, will have to be absolutely brilliant in every game to deserve this honour as the natural holder of this title, had it existed, would be George Best, without question.

As of yet, Zlatan is too inconsistent to take on any title at United. The common factor shared by most great players is that 99% of the football watching public agree that they are great players. In the case of Ibrahimovic, his watchers are split almost 50-50.

Whilst in no doubt that he is a very good player, too many people do not think he has ever reached “great” for him to be considered along with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo.

In line with a few other current day players, Zlatan has already stated that he has nothing to prove to anyone, that his statistics speak for themselves. Another one thinking this way recently has been Wayne Rooney who, not only said he had nothing to prove but also that he didn’t need to answer to anyone other than his manager and team mates.

They are both wrong. In fact they are so wrong that they are very lucky that their comments haven’t been more widely criticised.

They both have to prove to the fans, (who pay their wages), EVERY GAME in which they play, that they are good enough to wear the shirt of Manchester United. Rooney, in fact, has been proving recently that he isn’t good enough and, hopefully, will not get into the team when he eventually returns from his disastrous performances in France.

The potential problem facing Ibrahimovic is that he only has a year to prove his greatness so he will have to hit the ground running. Although many will say that it doesn’t matter to the player as he is only there to collect big pay cheques, I disagree. I think pride comes into the equation at this level.

A little like Louis van Gaal, he doesn’t want his time at United to be remembered as a failure and will try, probably in his own inimitable way, to be a success. If he achieves his success he may then be rewarded with a further year’s contract.

Don’t be too surprised if he turns it down when he is in a good position to do so!

  1. RedMe says:

    When one King goes he is replaced by another one, especially when he decides to go and live in the rivals Kingdom. The time didn’t stop with Law, Charlton and Best. Cantona is never compared to Ronaldo or Messi, they are from a different generation. At the time for me Cantona was the King at Old Trafford. Law, Best, Cantona, Ronaldo took us (the team) a step further for which we will always remember them as Greats. I don’t think Ibra will be even close to a Prince and I hope I’m wrong.

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