The Difference Between Manchester United And AFC Bournemouth Is A Little Less Than It Used To Be

Posted: July 27, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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(Bournemouth through the ages)

Having been promoted to the Premier League for the start of last season Bournemouth, who are sponsored by the Mansion Group, the company also responsible for the sponsorship of Crystal Palace football team and many other brands and boasting, as part of it’s large group, Mansion Casino, began as though they yearned for a return to the shallower water that is the Championship.

However, their manager Eddie Howe, was having none of it. He managed to turn things around and they finished their first ever season in the top flight with a very creditable 16th place, (any finish above 18th in your first season is creditable).

Buoyed by this relative success they set their sights on a pre-season tour to the USA in another diversion from the norm.

Their first day opponents, Manchester United, who are sponsored by Chevrolet, went to China where they suffered a disastrous tour involving emergency landings, terrible weather, ONE game and a cancelled match. They were very pleased to return to Manchester. (Strangely enough Manchester City, who also list the Mansion Group amongst their sponsors, were in China as well and, with the exception of the emergency landing, suffered the same fate as United)

The point being that Bournemouth touring America is on the same level as United going to China. Maybe not in the number of fans, or in the attendance at the games but in the very idea that Bournemouth are looking to attract support from across the pond.

How things have changed! The money available to Premier League clubs has enabled many a “small” team to set their sights a lot higher than they used to.

(This Premier League is easy, no?)

When the game at Dean Court kicks off the difference between the teams will be massive. The likelihood is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba will line up for United whereas Bournemouth can boast no such big names.

It is, however, the first game and anything can happen. After all, when broken down to basics it is just eleven men playing football against another eleven men.


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