Paul Pogba Returns To Manchester United Thanks To Jose Mourinho

Posted: August 9, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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So it has finally happened. The transfer saga of the Summer has reached it’s conclusion and Paul Pogba has returned to the club he left four years ago after being told he had to wait for his chance in the first team.

Typically, being a teenager, he thought he knew best and that Sir Alex Ferguson was wrong in his decision. He proceeded to run down his contract and eventually left for Juventus for a compensation package of around £800,000.

He wasn’t proved right when he went to Italy, as everybody who knew him knew he was an exceptional footballer. What he did prove, unfortunately, is that most of the power nowadays lies with the player, even when he is still very young.

There was nothing United could have done to keep him other than given him first team football, which is something Ferguson would never have countenanced. At United he was the boss and he didn’t care who knew it so long as they knew it.

So Pogba departed and went on to win the Italian title on four occasions while his stock steadily rose. There was always a feeling amongst some at Old Trafford that, at some stage down the line, United may want him back and an embarrassing situation could develop if this was the case. Why would United buy back a player they virtually gave away? When you consider that he had a relatively uneventful European Championships, where he had one good game, one can only assume that he has, over the last four years, been consistently good for his club.

The answer is pretty straightforward. A change of manager, it’s as simple as that. Jose Mourinho wants Paul Pogba, so Ed Woodward goes all out to prove that he can sign the big names for the big money. He can’t negotiate very well, but he can certainly spend big!

Now Pogba is back with his old friends and can revisit his old Manchester haunts he should be a happy chappie. Now he will get first team football. He doesn’t need a guarantee from Mourinho, his price tag has already assured him of his place, not only in the team but also in history.

He will also be forgiven by the fans who turned on him upon learning that he was leaving for Juventus and doing it in such a way that United would receive a pittance for him. Any fans who can forgive Wayne Rooney for his treacherous behaviour on not one, but two separate occasions, will certainly be able to find it in themselves to forgive Pogba’s indiscretion which was brought on, primarily, by his own ambition.

It would be quite interesting to be a fly on the wall the first time he bumps into Sir Alex at Old Trafford, although I am sure he will be welcomed back with open arms as he does appear to have grown up somewhat during his time away.

So the new Paul Pogba should, all being well, be available to play against Bournemouth in the first game of the new season. Along with Henrikh Mhkitaryan and Ander Herrera he could form quite a formidable midfield trio. Add Juan Mata or Anthony Martial to the equation and United could even play 4-4-2 without too many problems.

The future begins to look a lot brighter than it did during either the Moyes or the van Gaal eras now that the gloom has been lifted and somebody, probably Jose Mourinho, has switched the light at the end of the tunnel back on!


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