Five Players José Mourinho’s Manchester United Don’t Need

Posted: September 16, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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If José Mourinho is serious about winning the Premier League then he has to take a long look at the squad and, mainly, at some of the players he has inherited.

Quite simply there are some who are just not good enough to wear the shirt. Whether this is a case of having grown older and become, naturally, slower of mind and body, or a case of just not being good enough in the first place, it is time for a little cleansing.

Over the last couple of seasons Louis van Gaal seemed to adopt an approach to the transfer market which could only be described as haphazard. That isn’t to say that he didn’t identify players who he thought would improve the team, he just bought too many. Quantity rather than quality was one of his many philosophies, although he would never admit to it.

Whatever his thoughts were at the time is irrelevant now. He is sitting in Portugal, contemplating how to spend the ridiculous amount of compensation he received for turning Manchester United into a boring, average team.

This leaves the problem of who needs to be sold well and truly in the hands of José Mourinho and, if he can find any takers, then I would expect the following players to be departing sooner than later:

Matteo Darmian

Started off really well and looked every inch the Italian international full back he was at the time. He faded, however, not long into first season and has struggled to get into the team for the majority of his time at Old Trafford. Things don’t look like changing any time soon so he will be sold.

Memphis Depay

Has only shown a couple of glimpses of what he is supposed to be capable of consistently. Most United supporters are not convinced that he has either the strength of character or the ability to play for Manchester United, something which he seems intent on proving whenever he gets the opportunity to play. Another one for whom the exit door is wide open.

Ashley Young

Many people feel that he has long overstayed his welcome. He had a reasonably good first season but has been pilloried virtually ever since. He too is not of the standard required to wear the famous red shirt and, whether played at full back or on the wing, usually manages to embarrass himself at some stage or another. Time to leave, Ashley.

Phil Jones

The great white hope became the great white dope after a relatively short time at United. Once thought to have the potential to be one of England’s best ever defenders, he has struggled with injury after injury, each one eroding a little bit more confidence and turning Jones into a shadow of the player he once was. If he can ever return to the quality he undoubtedly possessed a few years back, then it will have to be away from United where he should no longer be collecting large amounts of money without contributing anything whatsoever.

Wayne Rooney

Whilst on the subject of players collecting large amounts of money without making any contribution to the team, it is time now for Rooney to find pastures new. He was United’s worst player last season and is already the leading contender for that title this season. There is no longer a position whereby it can be said that he is the best player for that role. He is not the best striker at the club. He is nowhere near being the best midfielder at the club. He has threatened to leave twice and on both of those occasions United, instead of selling him as they should have done, caved in and gave him a new contract with a pay rise each time. No more, this time he has to go.

Selling these five players may not amass a fortune in transfer fees but it will represent a substantial saving on the wage bill. If Mourinho then wants to bring in a couple of players in January, such as a centre back and a full back, there should be no reason why this cannot be achieved.

The aforementioned five players are certainly adding nothing to a team which, under this manager, most fans expect to be challenging for the title every season. Sometimes who leaves the club is almost as important as who comes to the club.

  1. Owino amos oburu says:

    You incidentally left out the one who should be the first to go, Rojo


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