José Mourinho Needs To Be Given Time At Manchester United

Posted: September 19, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Despite blaming bad luck and referees for United’s poor displays while losing the last three games, José Mourinho needs to be given time to sort out the problems at Old Trafford.

He has brought in four players who will all prove to be value for money but, at the moment, they are trying to fit into an average team.

As he pointed out when United won their first three games, he wasn’t getting carried away. The results flattered them slightly. Now that they have hit a bad patch he is not going to get too despondent. It was always going to happen at some stage, it has just come a little earlier than expected.

United supporters need to be patient. Strangely enough, the 75,000+ who turn up at Old Trafford every two weeks have displayed an abundance of patience, particularly with van Gaal. It is the armchair “supporters”, the ones who have never been to Manchester, never mind the Theatre of Dreams, who are the ones making all the noise about sacking the manager.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that the United hierarchy listens to them and fires Mourinho. Then what? Ask Fergie to come out of retirement? No chance! Try and get Diego Simeone from Atlético Madrid? That would be the logical move but would he come? Make an approach for Mauricio Pochettino? That would cause a problem for Ed Woodward because he hates dealing with Daniel Levy, but it still might not be a bad move.

The point is that these names were in the frame before Mourinho was given the job. Knowing how reticent some of the board were to appoint Mourinho, I would think that these other avenues have already been exhausted. There certainly needs to be a respectable amount of time before they are visited again.

So what exactly is the problem? Well, when Manchester United don’t win every game by at least four goals to nil this is unacceptable to the armchair brigade. They see it as failure and cannot understand why average players have not become world beaters immediately upon the appointment of a new manager.

They need to get real. United have ageing players who are now past their best and they have youngsters, with the exception of Rashford and Shaw, who are not quite ready for the step up just yet.

The only problem I have with Mourinho’s selections so far this season is that they have, apart from the Feyenoord game, always included Wayne Rooney. A player who most certainly did nothing for the careers of either David Moyes or Louis van Gaal, he must surely now be on borrowed time. He not only brings very little to the team but he is beginning to detract from it!

Maybe Mourinho is looking for a “respectable” way to leave him out but, after the way Rooney has treated United and the fans in the past I wouldn’t be too concerned about sentiment, just drop him.

Other than that, José Mourinho needs to phase out some of the others. Schweinsteiger will leave eventually, Carrick is on a one year deal. Smalling, Lingard, Young, Valencia, Jones, Rojo, Depay and Darmian are not good enough to represent Manchester United. If all these players were to be moved out in one go it would be like losing a whole team. Granted, not a very good team, but a team all the same.

Given that United have already either sold or loaned out Januzaj, McNair, Blackett, Love, Pereira, Wilson, Keane and Borthwick-Jackson, (sorry if I have missed anybody), this would take the total departures to 19, only two less than Mourinho likes to have in his first team squad!

It will take time. People need to remember that van Gaal, from taking United two steps forward after replacing Moyes, then proceeded to take them three steps backwards during the remainder of his tenure. Mourinho now needs to turn the ship around completely and he will not do it overnight.

Whatever the armchair supporters think,they need to be patient. He does not have a great team and it will take a while to build one. If he can win a Premier League title in the meantime then that would be a bonus. Realistically he needs to be aiming for the top four this season and if the armchair brigade don’t like it maybe they should go and offer their “support” or rather, lack of it, to another team, they would not be missed in the slightest.


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