Yet Again Wayne Rooney Disrespects Everybody By Demanding Respect For Himself

Posted: November 20, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Wayne Rooney, depending upon which newspaper you choose to believe, is paid anything form £200k – £300k per week.

He is proud of his achievements in the game. That is fine, but what has he actually achieved that nobody else has?

He is captain of Manchester United because there was nobody else at the time but, most people would agree, he should not be captain of United.

He is captain of England because he is captain of Manchester United and, again, most people would agree, it is not a position he should be holding.

In the not too distant past he has been caught in a sordid assignation with a prostitute, he has demanded that Manchester United buy quality players and threatened to leave if they didn’t and he has fallen out of favour with Sir Alex Ferguson. Very recently, he has gatecrashed a wedding party while on England duty and, in a drunken stupor, embarrassed himself, England and Manchester United.

But WE should respect HIM!

He has scored a record number of goals for England which is a fine achievement. It should, however, be remembered that he has been playing for England since a very young age and has, in the main, been lucky with injuries. As a striker playing for England the length of time he has been, there would have been major questions asked if he HADN’T broken the goals record.

With the national team he has won precisely nothing. With Manchester United he has been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by some great players who have helped him to achieve his five Premier League winners medals, ONE FA Cup winners medal and ONE Champion’s League winners medal.

But WE should respect HIM!

Rooney will never command the kind of respect the likes of Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson or Roy Keane have enjoyed. They were not only great players, which Rooney isn’t, they were, and still are, great ambassadors for the game, which Rooney isn’t.

Bobby Charlton was all about Manchester United, the team and portraying the right image for both club and country. He still attends all United’s games, home and away. It is a great pity that his England scoring record has been eclipsed by Rooney and it is an even greater pity that his United record could go the same way unless Rooney is sold before that day arrives.

Bryan Robson was all about the warrior mentality. A  player who would fight until the last minute even if the team were losing 5-0. He would play through pain rather than let the side down. He was unfortunate in that he didn’t win lots of trophies during his playing days but he remains at Old Trafford as an ambassador for the club.

Roy Keane was all about winning. Had it not been for his ignominious departure, due to a fall out with his boss, Roy Keane would be welcome back to United at any time. It seems unlikely at present as Ferguson is still around and, if reporters are to be believed, the pair don’t speak. Still a season ticket holder at Old Trafford, Keane was the most successful captain in the history of Manchester United and is still worshipped by supporters.

Wayne Rooney is all about Wayne Rooney and what’s in it for HIM, nothing else.

When he eventually leaves United, hopefully sooner rather than later, he will not be remembered as anything more than a whingeing scouser who did little for the team other than complain, extract very large amounts of money, hold the club to ransom on a couple of occasions in order to extract even larger amounts of money and embarrass himself and the club on more than one occasion.

He rarely, if ever, won a game on his own in the same way as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or even Carlos Tevez, two of his more illustrious team mates.

He was a good player who never fulfilled his potential to become a great player. Unfortunately, Rooney IS a great player in his own mind. He is delusional and thinks that, in addition to the vast amounts of money wasted on him, he should be recognised as a great player and ambassador for the game. Why? What has he done?

In a game where great English players have become a rarity, it is time for the great British public to also cease being delusional. Stop listening to this clown, he has nothing of any interest or importance to say. He never became a great player so stop treating him like one. Recognise him for what he is which is a greedy, self-important, selfish person with no thoughts for anybody other than himself.

Wayne Rooney now needs the game much more than the game needs him.

  1. RedMe says:

    Sir Alex should have sold him before leaving Manchester United that would have solved many problems and Rooney would already have left for China or America. He certainly will be remembered as the most ineffective captain of Manchester United. He is not a motivator, just a whinger.


  2. Usama_drebika says:

    He was never a great player. I never liked him. Selfish, not a great player. The media made him, (golden boy), fools gold maybe, not even stainless steel.


  3. zadick Mukire says:

    u are just a hater of Wayne Rooney . u are among those people who lack respect to achievement Rooney have brought… his goals helped united to win tittles and we as fun we are happy of that .. and u as a writer what have u done to be seen all the world and make know as Rooney. let say u are among the people who want downfall of other guys. shame on as a writer.


  4. stanley says:

    U as a writer if you havent seen the best of roony and contribution he did at Manchester united since he arrive, u like memory less newborn baby.Freedom of speech,u can write what ever u like,thing whatever u like but Roony will always be respected for being a leader and for the little mistakes he did he is only human and as n fan of him i am sure he will return stronger than the nonsense you’re writing.


  5. You make some very valid points here, I enjoyed reading this. I didn’t consider the selfish aspects that Rooney has when writing my debate on whether he is world class or not. I feel that a lot of people don’t like him and I agree that it’s a shame that Bobby Charlton’s record will most likely go to Rooney soon. However, due to Rooney’s reputation I believe that Sir Bobby’s record will have the highest value among those who knew what he was like.


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