Ronaldo shows that there’s plenty of petulance in the old dog yet

Cristiano Ronaldo is said to favour a move back to Manchester United. Now there’s a surprise! Only days after saying he wanted to stay and play for Real Madrid until he was forty, and that there was no chance he would ever go back to United, he now wants to go back to United, or so we are led to believe.

Tough luck, Cristiano, the world doesn’t work like that. If you wanted to play for Manchester United you should never have left. Now you want Manchester United but they don’t want, or need, you. That ship has sailed. Mind you, if there’s any truth in the rumour whatsoever, you would be welcome back.


Even Stoke City are distancing themselves from Wayne Rooney

Ronaldo’s ex-teammate at United, Wayne Rooney, is having a hard time convincing even Stoke City that he is still good at football. In fairness there has never been any sign that Rooney wanted a move to Stoke and quite why they have had to deny interest in him is baffling. Maybe having secured Darren Fletcher and seen a move for Jonny Evans rebuffed, Stoke are trying to create a team of ex United players. Who knows?


De Gea’s search for a casa nueva in Madrid

If there is any truth in reports that De Gea is looking for a house in Madrid, then it could mean that he is going back there. It could also mean he just fancies having a house there for when he visits. It could also be for his parents, or his girlfriend. There are many reasons to buy a house in your home city when money is not an object. He has shown little interest recently in returning to Madrid to play for Real with even more reports stating that he is disappointed in their handling of the whole affair. A more logical move, at some stage, would be to Atlético Madrid, where it all began for him.


Is Alvaro Morata really a transfer target or is it all made up?

What to believe and what not to believe in this day and age, that is the question. If Manchester United were to buy every player that the press has them “interested in” or “negotiating with” they would spend somewhere in the region of £2 billion. Initially the Alvaro Morata saga seemed to be quite real. Now it has dragged on for no apparent reason other than the clubs can’t agree a fee. We find that difficult to believe after three weeks of negotiations. We also find it hard to accept that Chelsea, who had, apparently, wrapped up a deal for Romelu Lukaku,are now showing interest in Morata. This all seems like good clickbait for the online publications and the kind of rubbish that actually sells real newspapers.



Eric Bailly/Victor Lindelof partnership looks to be in the mould of the great United centre backs

Phil Jones had so much potential which was ruined, initially, by injury. He is now coming back to somewhere near his best and needs to stay injury free to be a valuable asset at Old Trafford. Marcos Rojo could also be useful in a long season and can play, like Jones, more than one position. Chris Smalling needs to go. He has needed to go since he arrived. He plays one position and he doesn’t play it very well so West Ham, Everton or Arsenal or, in fact anybody, are welcome to take him off our hands.

Over the years, since twin centre backs have been the all the rage, United have nearly always had two of great quality. Pallister and Bruce along with Ferdinand and Vidic are the stand-out pairings but there have been others included in that defence. Ronny Johnsen, Jaap Stam and Laurent Blanc spring to mind as having been excellent signings.

We are now on the verge of seeing another pairing which, if it fulfils it’s potential, could be one of the best ever and up there with the previous two. Eric Bailly looks set to start games alongside Victor Lindelof. It could all go horribly wrong. After all, they are both in their early twenties and lack a bit of experience, particularly in the Premier League but the signs are good and we think the future looks very bright with this pairing at the heart of the defence.

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