England Expects, Though Nobody Knows Quite What To Expect!

Posted: August 30, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, International Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Transfers
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(A horrible kit and a bad team, what could possibly go wrong?)

On Friday morning the transfer window will have closed. We will be at the very beginning of an international break meaning Premier League football, along with the world as we know it, will have come to a halt.

For nearly a fortnight, publications such as ourselves will have to write articles about England or first and second division clubs, (not that there’s much difference in quality).

Either that, or those same publications will have to find interesting and original topics with which to fill their pages so that the greater good can continue being served.

There are of course, many, many publications who will find it impossible to write anything original or interesting without the Premier League games on which to report. These sites just report that other sites have reported what a newspaper has reported as being told by a “reliable source” about the impending transfer of whoever, or that a team has won a match. Really gripping stuff!

As we steadfastly refuse to be considered a publication which just concentrates it’s efforts on recording what happens during a football match, (which, nowadays, nearly everybody has watched anyway and can form their own opinion), or just passes on what a newspaper has already reported, we will continue to comment on the less common aspects of the beautiful game.

England are not yet at the level where we feel devoting any column inches to them is either of interest to anybody or of any particular use to anybody. So we’ll do just that but only to let you know, if you didn’t already, what is happening and why the world has had to come to such a shuddering halt.

They are about to play two World Cup qualifiers. The first, away to footballing giants Malta followed by a game which will be played at the home of Tottenham Hotspur against Slovakia. They should win both very easily and, as they are only qualifiers, they probably will.

But what will the long suffering devotees of international football do when these games have been played and we are returned to the humdrum boredom of the Premier League? Not to worry because, precisely one month later we get to do it all again!

This time, our underpaid and overworked heroes will be pitted against Slovenia at White Hart Wembley, followed by another footballing giant in Lithuania away, again two games they should win.

England, in fairness, are pretty good at qualifying for tournaments, they are just absolutely useless when it comes to playing in them. (Iceland!??!)

Will their fortunes change this time around when they go to Russia for the 2018 competition? No, they won’t, is the simple answer.

The bigger problem facing the majority of fair-weather websites is the closure of the transfer window. Many of them will crawl back into the shell from whence they came, not to be seen or heard from until January, whilst others will continue as though the window has been accidentally left open, meaning that we will be able to read rumour, half-truth and downright lies all year round. How edifying!

We here at WSA will continue to endeavour to bring truth, accuracy and honesty to all that we publish and, if for any reason we cannot fulfil those three conditions, then we will just make it up!

Only joking! (well, partly anyway). Our motto of quality before quantity is very important to us and we only wish that more websites set themselves standards a little higher than a snake’s belly. It can be annoying and frustrating having to wade through hundreds of sites to find one which is both decent and ethical, qualities which should be the norm.

So, with our moral stance now explained, we leave you to ponder the remaining days of the transfer window and wish all the best to you and your club.


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