Bits & Pieces: Tuesday’s Champion’s League And The Two West’s Of Ham And Bromwich

Posted: November 20, 2017 in Arsenal, Champions League, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Tottenham Hotspur
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Sevilla 1759 v Liverpool 676

Liverpool go to Spain needing at least a point from the game. That would keep them top of the group by a point. Sevilla would remain in second providing Spartak Moscow don’t beat Maribor. If that happens then the Moscow club would be second on goal difference.

A loss for Liverpool, whilst not terminal, is certainly a major spanner in the works. That result would see Sevilla go top and, again assuming a Moscow victory, would see Spartak join the Merseysiders on eight points, remaining behind only on goal difference.

Then everything would be about the final games and Liverpool’s qualification would hang in the balance.The feeling in our office is that Klopp will try and keep it tight throughout the game and look to hit Sevilla on the counter which, with a little luck, should see them collect at least the point they will think they need.

Manchester City 679 v Feyenoord 1013

This one is just a question of which players Pep Guardiola decides to select for the game. City have already qualified but, because of the seeding system, will want to win the group and potentially avoid some of the favourites in the next round.

There will probably be one or two players rested for this one and John Stones now has a medium term injury which should see Vincent Kompany and Nicolas Otamendi in the centre of the defence.

Other than that the rest of the team is anybody’s guess and Feyenoord, whose goal difference is the mirror image of City’s with three scored and twelve conceded, are there for the taking.

Guardiola will probably go for the win which will virtually guarantee top spot amd then he can test players in the final game.

Borussia Dortmund 907 v Tottenham Hotspur 728

There is no reason whatsoever why Spurs shouldn’t win this group. Dortmund have been surprisingly and uncharacteristically poor and sit on two points while Tottenham lead Real Madrid at the top by three points.

This is not a game where Pochettino should be resting players even if the temptation is there due to their strong position.

Again, like Manchester City, get the game won and then think about resting players, if possible, in the final game.

A draw is the least the Spurs fans should expect from this game and, because of Dortmund’s poor form, a draw would also be somewhat of a disappointment.

Tomorrow we will look at the Wednesday games featuring Chelsea and Manchester United.

Same old Moyes and Pulis gets the order of the boot


West Ham fans can be forgiven for being, in the main, very disappointed when David Moyes was unveiled as their new manager.

The London club were, supposedly, looking to challenge the big boys. They had moved to their new 60,000 seater stadium and spent a few bob in the transfer market and all looked set for an upswing in fortunes. They even sacked Slaven Bilić long after it had become apparent that he wasn’t the man for the job. And thereby lies the problem.

The board took far too long to work out that they needed to replace the Croatian and, in doing so, displayed a remarkable lack of football knowledge.

In appointing David Moyes, they have compounded that lack of knowledge and it is now the board themselves whose position is being questioned by the fans.

The problem is that this board are living under the wild misapprehension that they are good for the club and are doing a fine job. They are neither and the sooner they realise it and sell their shares, the better for West Ham it will be.


Finally, good luck to Tony Pulis in his quest for yet another new job.

We thought he had two games to save himself at West Brom but obviously we were wrong. Somebody lied!

There is, of course, a vacancy for the national manager’s job with Wales if he fancies it and, while we’re on the subject of Wales, there will probably be a vacancy at Swansea City reasonably soon.


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