What Chance Of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool Or A London Club Dominating Europe In The Near Future?

Posted: May 2, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Tottenham Hotspur
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With Liverpool favourites to progress to the Champion’s League final how likely is it that they will win the trophy in May? One thing is for sure, they will have to defend better against Real Madrid than they did against Roma in the semi-final.

Two seasons ago Manchester City reached the same stage and were defeated by Real Madrid although only by a scoreline of 1-0 over the two legs. What must have been more annoying to Manuel Pellegrini at the time was that City should have won both legs of that tie.

Real Madrid got through to the final without ever having to do anything out of the ordinary and without even playing well. The fault all lay with City who just didn’t appear to turn up either in Madrid or in Manchester.

In the current matches Liverpool are in the box seat and need only guard against complacency to reach the final. Roma have a decent home record and everybody is aware of what happened to Barcelona when they played their second leg in Rome, losing 3-0 having won the home leg 4-1.

So Liverpool have to proceed with caution. They also have a three goal lead from the first leg and would also exit the tournament were they to lose 3-0.

Having said that, the chances of an English team winning the trophy this year are as good as they have been for many a year and the logical final, given the Merseyside club’s three goal advantage over Roma, is one between Liverpool and Real Madrid, who are already waiting having beaten Bayern Münich in their semi-final.

Are Liverpool good enough to beat Real Madrid? The short and simple answer is; no, they are not. But this would be one game and anything, as they say, could happen.

If they could achieve the win then this would be the second Champion’s League they have won in the last thirteen years. Given that they haven’t won the title for nearly 28 years this proves that it isn’t necessary to be the best team in England, let alone Europe, to become the champions of Europe.


Mohamed Salah – Continued the annoying trend of muted celebration when scoring against a previous club

But what of the future? Is there any chance of English clubs dominating in Europe the way of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Münich, (or even as Liverpool did back in the late seventies and early eighties)?

Well, judging by the results of this season the answer has to be; no. There were an unprecedented FIVE English clubs in the competition this season and yet only ONE made it to the semi-final. Chelsea were the only ones who went out of the tournament with any pride intact. They, at least, were beaten by Barcelona which was not an unexpected result.

Tottenham went out to Juventus having drawn in Italy. Manchester United went out to Sevilla having drawn in Spain and Manchester City went out to Liverpool not having managed a draw in either leg, they lost both!

So the omens are not good. Some of the English teams appear to be quite proficient at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and that is something which needs to change.

Real Madrid, for example, tend to lose the occasional game early in the competition, but very rarely when it matters. They have the DNA of winners!

Next season will see England’s representative clubs back down to four unless Arsenal can win the Europa League which, although still possible, is looking exceedingly unlikely.

The champions, Manchester City, will be joined by Manchester United, Liverpool and, probably, Tottenham Hotspur unless they implode and allow Chelsea to overtake them at the last hurdle.

This means that three of the four who were knocked out tamely, either at home or by losing both legs, will get the opportunity to put things right reasonably quickly. The question is; have they learned their lesson?


Manchester United – One of THREE English clubs knocked out after losing the HOME leg of their Champion’s League ties!

Only time will tell but the lesson is really quite a simple one for all three. WIN YOUR HOME GAMES! Whilst it is true to say that Manchester City would probably still have been knocked out had they beaten Liverpool at The Etihad, the other two would definitely have progressed had they beaten Juventus and Sevilla in the home ties.

Winning the home games will not always guarantee success over two legs but it will certainly help and it will go a long way to helping the English clubs gain a far more substantial footing on the European ladder than they currently enjoy.

Whether any of them can go on to dominate the competition is another question but, at present, there is hope that it may happen, even if there is little evidence that it will.

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