More From Russia: Including Wins For Brazil, Nigeria & Switzerland And Some Manchester United Fans Have Lost The Plot!

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Brazil against Costa Rica was the stand-out game of the day, particularly as the setial winners of the trophy had only managed to pick up a point against Switzerland in a 1-1 draw. Costa Rica had lost narrowly by 1-0 to Serbia so it was all to play for here.

The final score of 2-0 to Brazil would have people who didn’t see the game thinking that this was a reasonably easy victory for them but the truth of the matter is very different. The fact that both goals came AFTER the 90 minute mark should give readers a reasonable idea how hard fought this win was.

At the end of regular time when the board went up showing six minutes of added time, it was 0-0. Whether Costa Rica decided they had done enough to deserve a draw or whether Brazil stepped up a gear doesn’t really matter. The relief when Philippe Coutinho scored the first goal was obvious and, by the time Neymar scored the second, they had started to play as everybody knows they can.

So, apart from a final game against Serbia, that is the end of this World Cup for Costa Rica whilst Brazil, despite not yet playing very well, could go through the group stage unbeaten.

Next up was Nigeria against Iceland. With one point between them, (in favour of Iceland), from their opening games this was really a must win for both of them. In their final games Nigeria will face an Argentina team who have to win and Iceland will play Croatia who have already qualified with their six points.

At least, on this occasion, the real Nigeria turned up thanks, in the main, to a few tactical tweaks by the coach which included playing Victor Moses at right wing-back, his position at Chelsea.


Gylfi Sigurdsson looks bemused after his penalty kick went soaring off into space

Iceland, on the other hand, didn’t look as good as their previous game but always managed to stay in the contest and keep the game close until Gylfi Sigurdsson missed a VAR awarded penalty. Then we knew it wasn’t going to be their day.

By the time of Sigurdsson’s costly miss, Nigeria had already taken a 2-0 lead thanks to Ahmed Musa. Yes, the same Ahmed Musa who couldn’t do it at Leicester so returned, on loan, to CSKA Moscow. He had also seen a shot rebound off the post and was the man-of-the-match by some distance.

This result, of course, is just what the doctor ordered as far as Argentina are concerned because they now have a chance to qualify by beating Nigeria in their final group game. They have to hope that Croatia, who have already qualified, take their game against Iceland seriously and don’t wish any ill will on the South Americans.

It promises to be the most interesting conclusion to any of the groups.

The last game of the day was another good ‘un. Serbia and Switzerland went toe to toe in another group which looks as though it may well be a close finish.

Having taken the lead through Aleksandar Mitrovich, who is certainly adding some weight to his transfer fee assuming Rafa Benitez still wants to sell him, they then conspired to throw the game away in the second half with some poor defending.

Firstly Granit Xhaka equalised with a screamer from 25 yards out and then Zherdan Shaqiri ran from his own half to score the winner.

This means that the group is still open with two teams, Brazil and Switzerland, on four points, Serbia on three and Costa Rica on the plane home.

It promises to be the second most interesting conclusion to any of the groups.

And finally…..


Willian – This is the quality of player some United “fans” now think isn’t good enough for a team which boasts Smalling, Fellaini and Young as three of it’s regular first teamers!

The idiot branch of the Manchester United supporters club, obviously with memories as long as a Pug’s nose, don’t want José Mourinho to sign Willian from Chelsea.

Forget the fact that he was their outstanding player when they last won the title two seasons ago. Forget the fact that, although not a regular under Antonio Conte, he still managed to claim a few man-of-the-match awards. Also forget the fact that he is better than most of United’s current midfield.

So why don’t these “supporters” want him? Simple, because he didn’t play particularly well in ONE game for Brazil! These clowns are all over the social media disgraces advising the United manager not to make an offer for him.

Personally speaking, we here at WSA would rather have Willian at Old Trafford than all of these “armchair experts” who probably haven’t been anywhere near the ground. So our message to José Mourinho is simple; sign him up and play him in a midfield along with Fred, Matić and Pogba, assuming the Frenchman is staying.


  1. pauleee says:

    Oh, shush!! Good sir, you do not want Willian to come to Manchester. Sure, he looks like a quality player, but I have it on good authority that he routinely tracks mud into the locker room, clogs the shower drains with all that stylish hair, and he’ll eat anything out of the refrigerator, whether his name is on it or not. Seriously, can you really trust a man with as big a smile as he has? I think not!

    Look elsewhere, you do not want.

    /Still hurting from the Mata poaching. 😛

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