More On That Nomination, José’s Woes And Chelsea’s Dodgy Dealings

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So Gareth Southgate is up for a gong. Having taken his mediocre team, which would struggle in the Premier League, to a World Cup semi-final he is now being tipped to be given the FIFA Coach of the Year award.

So what are the qualifications for this nomination? Well, apparently, not very many. He only beat teams who are ranked below his team except one. It was, unfortunately for Gawpy Gareth, the important one which prevented England undeservedly reaching their first World Cup final for 52 years. He didn’t beat a nation ranked above his team even after having been given two bites at the cherry, one of which was against their reserves.

So naturally, he should be given an award for his achievement.

What is mildly amusing about this last World Cup is that, in the past, the English have tended to get excited BEFORE the competition and fully expected their team to win the trophy every four years. When this didn’t happen they blamed everybody connected with the national team and some who weren’t. They never stopped to think that maybe the expectations placed on a very average bunch of players may have been a little too high.

Now, having accepted that this was a very average bunch of players and also having kept expectations almost reasonable, they are banging the drum about what a great achievement reaching the semi-final was and what a marvellous manager they have!

Sticking with FIFA’s typically idiotic awards and Harry Kane has been nominated as the Player of the Year. This is mainly because he picked up the Golden Boot at the tournament for his six goals. It is also despite the fact that, if you discount penalties and a fluke, he actually only scored as many as John Stones which was two!

Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s chief suit, also proclaimed VAR a success, stating that it’s introduction meant there would never be an offside goal incorrectly awarded again. This may turn out to be a slight exaggeration but at least he didn’t want a new trophy dreaming up for the Video Assistant Referee.

Who needs comedians with this lot in charge of world football?

Meanwhile, in the world of proper football…..

José Mourinho isn’t happy. His wife and kids live in London whilst he slums it in five-star luxury in Manchester. He is currently working in the USA whilst some of his better players lounge around on assorted beaches at various resorts in the world.


José and his perpetually happy, smiling face as he ponders where Ed Woodward may be with his new signings

He may even have to start the season without some of those better players if he can’t get them up to speed in the final week of the close season. So he isn’t happy.

Even Ed Woodward is on holiday at a time of the year when he should be providing his manager with some shiny new players. No, all is definitely not right in José’s world at the moment.

He is well aware that other clubs are suffering from the same problems as his but this is no consolation to “The Sulking One”. His first game is against Leicester City who most certainly do not have the same problems. With only Harry Maguire and Jamie Vardy given extended leave because of the World Cup, they can be expected to be at full strength when they visit Old Trafford for the first game.

In fact, if Maguire doesn’t make full fitness in time for that game it may very well be José Mourinho’s problem as there are some very strong reports that he would like to buy the centre back. Now if only Ed would return from holiday so all of this can be cleared up.

And finally…..

Chelsea are, yet again, involved in a bit of gazumping. They really are beyond the pale as a “professional” football club.

Having conducted an entirely “under the table” deal for Jorginho in which the player was forced into a move to Chelsea, they have now been instrumental in the gazumping of Roma by Barcelona. This time the Brazilian, Malcom, was virtually on a flight to Rome to sign a contract when Barcelona stepped in.

Chelsea’s guilt in this sorry episode is that of vastly over-pricing Willian forcing Barcelona to look elsewhere. In this case, elsewhere was Bordeaux and Roma were unceremoniously swatted out of the deal.

Willian will be 30 years of age when the new season kicks off. Chelsea turned down THREE bids all of which were well in excess of £50 million, for a player who WANTS to leave.


Willian, a player Chelsea seem determined to keep, even though he doesn’t play and wants to leave!

So it’s well done to Maurizio Sarri’s new team. They have bought a player using dubious means and they have kept a player using dubious means. We just hope the saying, “what goes around, comes around”, is true, especially in the case of Chelsea who have proved recently why they are the most hated club in the Premier League.


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