More On Why José Mourinho Continues To Struggle At Manchester United

Posted: August 29, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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So what is it then? The players aren’t good enough? They are overpaid and lazy? The manager is not good enough? Would the players, for example, get away with this standard of performance if Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge?

Many excuses and reasons have been offered for the downturn in form of Manchester United. Remember also that this is José Mourinho’s third season and we all know what happened to him at Chelsea when he supposedly “lost” some of the players and was sacked.

There aren’t too many examples of what has happened to him in the third season at other clubs but that is mainly because he usually only sticks around for two.

Whatever the reason the game against Tottenham Hotspur was a perfect example of the fact that the formation is irrelevant if you keep giving the ball away, tactics don’t mean very much if you keep losing possession and training sessions are wasted if you don’t spend any time learning the basics of defending.

Crosses, as usual, perpetually hitting the first defender and misplaced passes in all areas of the pitch. Manchester United just do not have a team capable of challenging for the title and had Mourinho succeeded in getting either of Toby Alderweireld or Harry Maguire they still wouldn’t be in the running.

There is a lot more wrong with this side than can be solved with the addition of one defender. Against Tottenham they could have played for three hours and still wouldn’t have looked like scoring. They would, however, have conceded a few more.


The proverbial “fish out of water” Ander Herrera playing at centre-back, (United only have FIVE internationals for that position already)

Playing Ander Herrera as a left sided centre-back for the first time in his career was a tactic which failed abysmally as he was at fault for two of the goals. Was this Mourinho’s way of protesting to the watching Ed Woodward? Was it his way of saying that he wanted to play three centre-backs but didn’t have enough quality? It certainly looked that way as he preferred to play Herrera over Lindelof.

After the game Mourinho praised the few fans who stayed until the end and excused the ones who left early because he knew they had a two-hour journey to get home. This is quite a feat of knowledge for someone who lives in a hotel five minutes from Old Trafford and spends most of his spare time commuting to London!

At his post-match press conference he lasted a few minutes before walking out because, along with the customary banal and idiotic questions, the press dared ask him about his tactics and players.

Mourinho answered these questions in the only way he knows how to when he doesn’t have an answer. He reminded the assembled journalists what a fantastic manager he is/was, pointing out that he had won three titles which is more than the rest of the Premier League managers combined.

It is a tactic to which he often resorts as though his record as a manager is something which should be held above anything else. It is always brought into play when he feels that he is being asked unfair questions such as, “why did you play Ander Herrera at centre-back when you had Eric Bailly in the squad and Victor Lindelof on the bench?” or, “why can’t you get the best out of Paul Pogba?

At present Mourinho still has the backing of the board who were, reportedly, impressed with United’s first half performance despite only going into the break at 0-0.

He also retains the backing of many United supporters who now feel he was unfairly treated by Ed Woodward during the last transfer window, and have changed their stance from “Mourinho out!” to “Woodward out!


Ed Woodward – A secret agent from the London clubs planted at Old Trafford to surreptitiously destroy United

It is often said by so-called “experts” that Mourinho is a manager for the here-and-now. That he buys experienced players around the 29-30 years old mark because they know what is required to play and win at this level. He isn’t too concerned about what will happen two or three years down the line because the chances are pretty good that he won’t be there. So buying decent young players has never been a priority of his.

Well here’s a little piece of advice from a Manchester United fan of over 50 years standing. Start behaving and living in the here-and-now. Stop telling everybody how good you used to be and what you have won in the past. Look around at the type of football and the type of players needed to win the Premier League nowadays. They are not the same as when you last won it, even five years ago.

Many animal species have become extinct over the years. That is because their predators were that much better than they were or they just failed to adapt to changing circumstances. At present either, if not both, of these possibilities could shape the future of José Mourinho.

If he wants to be telling future generations about how successful he was at Manchester United he has to become better than his rivals and, to do so, he has to adapt the way his team plays the game.

  1. RedMe says:

    The majority of the players are just not good enough, it is not the manager’s fault if Lukaku can’t take any of the chances given to him. Why do we only rely on him? We should have goals from Lingard, Sanchez, Pogba ( for me he could go today and make me happy because he is not good enough for the EPL and take Lukaku with him). The problem at Manchester United is that we don’t score goals and if you don’t score goals you don’t win games no matter how good or bad the defence is. Once we have conceded we can’t come back.


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