That’s the meaningless friendlies Nation’s League out of the way for a whole month. Yes folks, just as you are getting used to watching your favourite overpaid Premier League stars, UEFA will pull the curtain down yet again. And the month after that and the month after that and so on.

They seem absolutely determined to spoil everybody’s enjoyment of the Premier League, (and other leagues around Europe, no doubt), by forcing their own idea of entertainment on the football loving public.

Call it what you will the Nation’s League, whilst being a little more competitive than just a few plain old friendlies is actually just a few plain old friendlies dressed up to go out.

It’s like trying to impress a potential date by offering to take him/her for a plate of dead cow accompanied by things grown in manure as opposed to roast beef with fresh vegetables. In other words the perception of the subject is decided by the wording. “Nation’s League” sounds better than “meaningless friendly” but it is the same thing!

Anyway, enough of those international runarounds because this weekend sees the welcome return of the Premier League and the first game on the agenda is:

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

This has to be a draw. Spurs don’t really have a home and blow hot and cold depending upon who is providing the opposition. Against Manchester United at Old Trafford they were lucky winners although the scoreline of 0-3 doesn’t suggest that was the case.


Two teams who, despite regular top four finishes, can be quite ordinary as well as quite spectacular

The following week they were woeful when losing at Watford so it really depends upon which Spurs turn up.

Liverpool are similar in that they have the least convincing 100% record imaginable. Apart from their first game they have been very fortunate to win the rest. So if both teams are on top of their game it will be a draw. If both teams are below par it will be a draw. Even if one team plays well and the other doesn’t it will be a draw. You can bet someone else’s money it!

Next up are the 3 o’clocks and they include three more of the top six. Manchester City host Fulham who have also been impressive one minute then not so the next.

They will do well to take anything away from The Etihad apart from a lesson on how to play football and we can see City winning this one with ease.

Arsenal travel up to Tyneside to play Rafa Benitez’s Newcastle in a game where the Spaniard doesn’t have to think too much about stopping the opposition winning rather find a way for his own team to pick up the three points.

Unai Emery’s side are still in transition and these next couple of months should be the best time to play them.

If Newcastle can turn their mentality to winning then they have a good chance of taking the points in this one. If not, then they should still be good enough for a draw as Arsenal are not that good yet.

Down at Stamford Bridge Chelsea host Cardiff City in a bid to maintain their 100% start to the season. This shouldn’t be a problem given the struggles of the opposition to even score a goal, never mind win a game.

Chelsea are another who have flattered to deceive, having won three of their four games in less than convincing fashion. Still, they have won them, which is the main point and we expect them to continue with their winning ways on Saturday.


This promises to be a close game with United just edging it

The final member of the “big six” Manchester United, feature in the late game on Saturday when they play Watford at Vicarage Road.

With both teams having won their last game, Watford beating Spurs and United beating Burnley, this one should be a draw. However, we see Mourinho’s team coming into this one determined not to be accused of slacking off against the “smaller” teams and, because of this, United will collect all three points and Sir Elton John will be jumping up and down in frustration rather than joy.

So by Saturday night all of the big six teams will have played and at least one of them will have dropped points.

Does that mean Sunday will be less interesting? Not at all, with games featuring Everton and West Ham followed by Wolves against Burnley the day should be entertaining if nothing else.

It is Monday night when the viewers may choose to watch something other than the football Sky has decided to serve up!

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