More On The Upcoming “Big Six” Games And The Return Of Long Lost Friends At Old Trafford

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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After defeats in The Champion’s League it will be a welcome return to The Premier League for both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

Spurs managed to lose a game they should have won over in Italy and City managed to lose a game they were expected to win in Manchester.

The other teams involved in Europe all won and will be hoping to carry that form back into the domestic competition.

Arsenal and Chelsea both won in Big Vase whilst Manchester United and Liverpool won in Big Cup.

On Saturday Manchester United are at home to Wolves, Manchester City are in Cardiff and Liverpool are at home to Southampton. Then, in the later kick-off, Tottenham travel down to Brighton.

All four will be expecting to pick up three points and will be disappointed if their return is anything less.

On Sunday Chelsea make the short trip to West Ham and Arsenal are at home to Everton.

Both of these games should prove trickier for the two “favourites” than those of the Saturday games involving the rest of the “big six”.

We certainly hope so anyway because Sky Sports, in their infinte wisdom, have decided that all subscription paying football fans want to watch two games involving three London clubs! Why on earth would they think that?

The problem for us northerners of course is that now Arsenal and Chelsea are not good enough for The Champion’s League they will be playing games on Sunday for as long as they are involved in The Europa League. This means there will be a temptation for Sky to take the easy option and televise their games.

All we can say is that, if they do this, you must all immediately cancel your subscriptions amd demand a refund of your money for every match shown which has not involved your favourite team. Maybe then this London bias will be dropped.

And finally…..


Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba appear to have, for the moment at least, found their way into the manager’s good books

Paul Pogba appears to have decided to play football and do a little less talking and dancing. José Mourinho appears to agree with his stand-in skipper’s new found maturity and is now shaking hands with him at the end of games, providing United have won, of course.

Anthony Martial is trying to get back into the team and impress his manager and any potential buyers who may be watching.

It is unclear whether he achieved any of this on Wednesday despite playing the whole game against Young Boys and despite scoring the third goal. He was decidedly below average and his goal was as the result of a deflection otherwise his weak effort would have gone straight to the goalkeeper.

Fortunately, for him and the Martial fan-boys, he seems to be wanted at Old Trafford by people who consider themselves to be more important than the manager, not that there is anybody of that standing according to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Even Luke Shaw is back in the manager’s good books! Has José turned over a new leaf?

We shall see in the next couple of transfer windows, assuming Mourinho is there for them both!


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