Manchester United Need To Purge The Dead Wood Off The Pitch As Well As On It!

Posted: October 9, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Have no fear, Ole’s at the wheel!

The only problem with this is that he is still driving with ‘L’ plates on and he has no instructor!

Assisting him in his quest to at least keep the car going straight is Mike Phelan, whose managerial experience extends to a whole 3 months during which time he took Hull City to the brink of relegation before being replaced by Marco Silva who duly completed the task.

Also helping Ole keep his hands at ten to two is Michael Carrick who, as we are all aware, was a very talented footballer but, the fact that he is popular in the changing room, does not make him ideal as a coach, (does he ever shout at the players on the pitch?).

Then there is Kieran McKenna, Another who has yet to pass his driving test but he is coaching international footballers at a level he himself never reached. He is also younger than United’s worst player Ashley Young, so there is a massive credibility issue there.

In fairness to Solskjær, both Carrick and McKenna were appointed by José Mourinho but it is certainly the Norwegian’s fault that they are both still there. The appointment of the very average Phelan was entirely down to Solskjaer and he must carry the can for the team having no leaders OFF the pitch as well as on it!

As has been well documented many times United need a few things to change. The Glazers are a problem but at least money has never really been an issue during their ownership, they are just despicable people. It would make much more sense, initially, to remove all footballing responsibilities from Ed Woodward’s desk and let him concentrate solely on bringing money in.


Luis Campos, if he were to be employed, would be at least six years late but hey, better late than never!

This would make the post of Director of Football much more attractive to prospective employees, (Luis Campos of Lille may be of interest). Apparently United identified the need for this appointment just over a year ago. This highlights another problem as even we here at WSA highlighted the need 6 YEARS ago in an article for HITC!

So United are now, by our reckoning, at least 6 years behind all the other top clubs in their way of thinking.

Will a DoF solve United’s problems? No. Would sacking the manager solve the problems? No. But both of these “solutions“, if they were implemented after removing Woodward from his current post, would go a long way towards getting the club back on track.

Solskjaer, unfortunately, is proving that he is not a good manager, particularly at this level and the problem is yet another one created by the clown Woodward and his boardroom cronies. They elected to give a man, who has not yet passed his driving test, the keys to a Ferrari and, unsurprisingly, he keeps ending up in the ditch. Sky Sports, whose opinion is usually about as useless as the proverbial ashtray on a motorbike, actually came up with this decent piece, take a look.

It is time to forget nostalgia. We get the impression that even if Solskjaer was in charge at Manchester City or Liverpool he would still struggle. He just isn’t cut out for top level club management. He needs to find his level and he should feel free to take his backroom staff and a few United players with him to wherever that may be.


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