Solskjær Will Be Thrilled To Hear He Has The Support Of United’s Board!

Posted: February 12, 2020 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Ole Gunnar Solskjær can look forward to the backing of the board and a serious amount of cash to spend in the summer transfer window. This is according to Ed Woodward, the CEO of Manchester United Ltd. In the dreaded “vote of confidence” Woodward stated the obvious which was that the club were still challenging in the Europa League and FA Cup and still had a chance at Champion’s League qualification through their league position.

He failed to mention that ex-manager José Mourinho led United to second place in the Premier League, finishing 8 points above Liverpool who currently sit first, 38 points points ahead of United!

He then went on to waffle about what a good business model United were in a speech to a fans forum which probably succeeded, where the Wolves’ match failed, in having people leave early in protest.

He didn’t elaborate as to what would happen should Solskjær fail to win anything or qualify for Champion’s League football. Instead he chose to stand behind his manager who, at present, is the worst United have had in 30 years.

David Moyes, who should never have been given the job, was also never really given a chance and he was followed out of the door marked ‘do one’ by Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho who had both brought trophies to the club shortly before their dismissals.

So, apart from spending a lot more money, what does Woodward see in Solskjær that very few others see?

The United CEO has an awful track record in recruitment of both players and managers and there is more than sufficient evidence to suggest that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near either. The fact that he is, is testament to the owners of the club knowing even less about the game than he does!


A player who’s head was easily turned by United, owing to the fact he is a life-long supporter of the club

He also doesn’t think that Solskjær being in charge will deter potential signings from joining United. Whilst it is true that players move to big teams for big money, the man in charge is still relevant when they are deciding who to join.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka was not that well known in the Premier League so a move to United was still a big deal for him. It was a similar situation with Daniel James, who could hardly be blamed for swapping Swansea for Manchester. In truth, however, we are not aware of any other clubs who were interested in signing them, not at United’s level anyway.

Bruno Fernandes was bought, unopposed, because he was expensive and untried in the Premier League, a fact that actually worked for United and they seem to have ended up with a very good player, despite Ed’s best efforts at making a mess of the transfer!

Harry Maguire wanted to go to Manchester City until he found out they wouldn’t pay his asking price whereupon he suddenly decided he’d always wanted to play for United.

As for Odion Ighalo, we hope he does well but again, in truth, it was never going to be too difficult to persuade a 30 year-old Manchester United supporter to play for the club he supports and has always wanted to play for!

So the afore-mentioned players all joined the club with, apparently, no reservations about the manager but, let’s be fair, they are not stellar names. One stellar name already at the club is Paul Pogba and, like him or loathe him, it seems Solskjær has been totally unable to persuade him that his future lies at Old Trafford.

Bearing this in mind, how much will the Norwegian actually be allowed to spend and how much will he have to pay the best players to join United under his management?

Woodward is well known for over-paying and wasting money. The United supporters don’t really care if he over pays for a player as long as that player is the right fit. They do, however, hate to see money wasted on players who are bought then sold at a massive loss shortly afterwards because they shouldn’t have been bought in the first place! (Angel Di Maria, Memphis Depay, Morgan Schneiderlin etc., etc.).


A man waiting patiently for a phone call from Ed Woodward, which will surely happen at the end of the season

It seems he will certainly have to pay over the odds, wage-wise, to encourage players to sign for Solskjær.

So with Mauricio Pochettino patiently waiting in the wings until the end of the season, when he can join another Premier League club without incurring the wrath, (or lawsuits), of Daniel Levy, it will be interesting to see how hollow, or otherwise, Woodward’s words turn out to be.


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