The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth According To The Press!

Posted: May 3, 2020 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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When asked, in a cynical manner, if football was a matter of life and death Bill Shankly once famously answered, also quite cynically, “no, it’s much more important than that!

Now, some 50+ years after he made this statement there are people who are doing their utmost to prove him right.

Never mind the thousands of deaths from Corona Virus which are still occurring daily the big topic on a vast number of people’s mind is; when will football be back? There is a smaller clamor for the return of sport in general but football, as usual, is the biggie!

The newspapers are not helping, (when do they ever?), by constantly bringing the matter up and not just leaving it until more important things are concluded.

We understand that the gutter press need something to print otherwise they will go out of business, a possibility that, thankfully, looks like it may become a reality for some of them, but do they really need to speculate, (as usual), lie, (as usual) and generally just publish drivel for the sake of existence? The answer seems to be; yes they do.

Now we know there are certain newspapers who have existed for years by publishing just such rubbish and no more nor less was to be expected of them during a crisis, but to shunt the number of virus-related deaths to page 6 when the headlines on the front page are a total irrelevance is just beyond belief.

So what can we expect when we come out on the other side of this virus? Can we expect a new, honest and diligent newspaper industry? No, we can’t is the simple answer. The British press would be a very small industry if it could only print the truth and good news. These have never been good enough reasons for people to put their hands in their pockets and buy a paper. Scandal? Yes, that will always sell. The latest in the pathetic soap opera watched by millions? Yes, that will always sell. Death and debauchery? Yes, but in small doses. Too much of the same thing becomes boring.


Tabloid newspapers are the most popular sellers in the UK. They became tabloid in size to make it easier for people to read without having to unfold it like a map of the world. Their front pages are usually taken up by a large photograph and a little narrative, based on the indisputable fact that a big picture is far more likely to attract the attention of the majority of people rather than a lot of words. This is why the cartoon page is often the first page visited after a very quick perusal of the headlines!

It is the same theory for the aforementioned soap operas. They have simple, down-to-earth storylines which are easy to follow and will never tax the brain of even the simplest of folk.

(Pause here and just take a quick look to see which is the most watched TV programme and which is the top selling newspaper).

Now all this could go a long way to explaining why the newspapers keep banging on and on about the return of the beautiful game. It is watched by millions and, therefore, many people will buy a newspaper to see if there are any actual facts being reported about the return of football. They will not buy the newspaper just to read more doom and gloom about a virus which has seen them isolated, housebound and, in some cases, thoroughly depressed.

In that respect it is difficult to blame the newspapers for their reporting on the matter of football. What they still can be blamed for however is the continuing habit of misleading the public, inventing stories and downright lying on many other matters.

Who does this remind you of? Oh, that’s right, the government!

With any luck we may be in for a brighter future which doesn’t include some of the rags currently masquerading as part of the national press and also a government currently masquerading as a body which has a clue what it is doing!

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