It has been a relatively quiet period in the football world just lately. We have taken advantage of this lull by doing…….absolutely nothing! We haven’t had reports from every international game just to perpetuate the boredom always brought on during an international break. We haven’t invented a few thousand transfer rumours linking every top club with every single player available, or otherwise.

We have just sat back and relaxed whilst not watching England fail to advance in a European competition, (nothing new or exciting about that)!

We did notice that the mighty Scotland managed to qualify for this year’s Euros which are being held next year, so congratulations to them. We also noticed that Diego Maradona departed this mortal coil whilst recovering from brain surgery dying, as it turned out, from cardiac arrest which suggests that the surgery may have been performed on the wrong body part!

Maradona was certainly one of the greatest players of all time but will forever be cast as the villain by English supporters of a certain age. In fact, in this year’s sour-grapes award winning interview Peter Shilton, questioned shortly after the Argentinian’s death, could only talk about how he cheated during the 1986 World Cup match against England,.

Whatever your view, the fact is that the referee missed the offence as did the linesman even though several thousand spectators didn’t and, as the spectators opinion doesn’t count then the goal did.

Argentina were marginally the better team in that game and Maradona was certainly the difference but this game should not overshadow his other career achievements. They were chiefly with Argentina and Napoli, both of whom won trophies BECAUSE their team contained Maradona.

The current GOAT’s, (until the next one)

The closest to him these days is Cristiano Ronaldo who inspires good teams to achieve great things. He has done it in England, Spain and with Portugal. The same cannot be said about Maradona’s compatriot Lionel Messi, who has achieved nothing outside of Barcelona and tends to go into a sulk when things aren’t going well, rather than taking the game by the scruff of the neck as would have been the case with the other two.

Diego Maradona will be missed, both on and off the football pitch!

How’s your hearing…..?

Swear words are just words made up of letters from the alphabet, just like any other word. We have no idea who decides which combinations of letters are offensive, mildly offensive or not offensive at all. We also have no idea how four letters can be arranged into an offensive word one minute then the same four letters, which have just offended everyone, can be rearranged into a totally inoffensive word.

The point of this being that we here at WSA are completely fed up of football commentators constantly apologising if a naughty word is picked up by one of the 357 microphones scattered around the ground. Grow up!

If people are offended by the colourful language occasionally, and accidentally, broadcast during a live football match then they should do one of three things.

  1. Stop watching live football
  2. Turn the sound down
  3. Get over it and accept that it is what happens in the real world.

There, rant over and petty do-gooders firmly put in their place!

  1. RedMe says:

    99% of the time they are apologising and nobody even heard the word until they mention it. Plus unless you are a bigot why would you take offence? It wasn’t aimed at you or your family. Please people be real. You never have that on American channels, or any other, just the English.


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