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Roy Keane – Respected Rooney because he hid a remote control? We think not!

Wayne Rooney appeared on the Monday Night Football in a practice run for something he may choose to take up once he retires from playing the game.

With fellow Liverpudlian and Everton fan, Jamie Carragher, as the other half of this double act, Rooney regaled us with tales of a long and relatively successful career when he had, at times, made the wrong choices and once even stood up to Roy Keane.

The tale about Keane was decidedly iffy as changing the channel on television then hiding the remote control seems to be a particularly childish act for a grown man and, just because Keane happened to be watching the previous channel, isn’t really standing up to him.

Standing up to him would have been NOT hiding the remote control and refusing to hand it over. (more…)


Are they really necessary? Assuming that blind people don’t watch television, what is the point of a commentator?

I can go back as far as Kenneth Wolstenholme commentating on the 1966 World Cup final and his now immortal lines, “some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over……………it is now!” All said to the accompaniment of Geoff Hurst booting the ball past a startled Hans Tilkowski for England’s fourth goal. The thing was, Wolstenholme didn’t actually tell us anything we didn’t already know. We were sat watching the game on TV.

Ever since the inception of televised football, the TV companies have thought it necessary to treat their audience as bumbling, infantile idiots. Where else do we accept the notion that, while we are actually watching something we know inside out, we need somebody to tell us what is happening (more…)