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image(James Bond villain and part time undertaker Dastardly Daniel Levy trains his super high powered binoculars-designed-to-look-like-any-old-reading-glasses on Saido Berahino to see if that really is him playing for Jeremy Peace again.)

I like Tottenham. I like them in a way that only someone who isn’t a supporter can like them. I laugh at their little jokes, cry with them in times of sadness and am constantly amazed at how much they think they can achieve, without ever achieving any of it.

Take Emmanuel Adebayor, as I am sure Spurs wish somebody would. He left Arsenal and went to Manchester City, shortly after which he was sent on loan to Real Madrid who, obviously unimpressed, sent him back fairly pronto. City then sent him on loan again, this time to Spurs, who were so impressed that they bought him. Now they don’t want him and he won’t leave. Well, not until he gets a sign from God that it is the right thing to do. Five million pound signs ought to do it.

How about Tactics Tim? He was doing fine at Tottenham and actually seemed to get the best out of Adebayor. He gave Harry Kane his debut, along with other youngsters. Unfortunately, his profile didn’t fit with Dastardly Dan, who wanted immediate success with a bigger name than Sherwood. So goodbye Tim! Aston Villa’s youngsters are now benefitting from Tim’s babysitting skills. (more…)