The Transition Of Jose Mourinho

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Opinion
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Jose Mourinho sat in his office at Cobham, whistling “Maybe it’s Because I’m a Londoner,” in between mouthfuls of fish and chips and slurps from his mug of Tetley’s tea. His anglicization now almost complete.

He has to retain a little of the Portuguese, after all, it is where he was born and it is where he wants to retire to at some stage in the dim and distant future, or quite soon, depending upon which is your newsrag of choice.

Since winning the Champions League title with little old Porto back in 2004, having only replaced Octavio Machado in 2002, Jose’s star has been on the rise.

He has become a truly European manager, having won the title with clubs in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. He has also won the Champions League with clubs in Portugal and Italy.

But it is England where lies his heart. Despite having to set up a monthly standing order to pay his fines to the FA, who have been able to start several new projects thanks to him, despite being banned from the touchline and then from the stadium and, therefore, having to resort to secret tactics only Jose knows about in order to instruct his team, despite Chelsea being in a relegation battle, (at the time of writing), despite being secretly admired but openly despised by the fans of other clubs, he still loves England and doesn’t want to work anywhere else.

Conclusion: As well as having become anglicized, he is a masochist.

Citing the challenge of winning the Champions League with three different clubs in three different countries, Mourinho’s third win of choice would be with Chelsea. Whether it will be or not, to an extent, depends on the new found patience that Roman Abramovich seems to have and on whether Jose actually can turn things around at Stamford Bridge.

The fact of the matter is that Mourinho doesn’t really enjoy working anywhere other than England, at present anyway.

At Inter he was a man with a mission. He won the title and the Champions League and, as soon as the Champions League trophy was on the coach to Italy he resigned, job done. He does say that he loves Inter and may return one day but that seems to be just making sure that no bridges get burnt in his quest for greatness.

So on he went to Real Madrid where, again, he won the title. This time though, he couldn’t repeat the European success he had with Inter and left to return to Chelsea after three turbulent years. Towards the end the fans appeared to have turned against him and there were reports of rifts with players. Again, he has intimated that he may go back there at some stage.

Now he is back where he says he belongs. His lifetime ambition is still to win the Champions League with three different clubs in three different countries. If Chelsea give him the time, which they appear to be doing at the moment, he may still achieve his goal with them.

If he does we can probably expect him to don pearly king attire and dance down the King’s road merrily singing, “Down at the Old Bull and Bush,” whilst balancing a plate of jellied eels on his head.

At the moment, the big achievement would be if he can get Chelsea into the top four this season, but don’t be too surprised if they do quite well in the Champions League. Jose often has a surprise or two up his sleeve!


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