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Manchester City have been confirmed as Premier League champions with five games still to play. After just a few games of this season it was pretty obvious that they were the favourites to win it and it really shouldn’t come as a major shock to anybody that they have.

What has been disappointing is the gulf in class between them and the rest. Only Liverpool have tried to challenge them on an entertainment level and Jürgen Klopp seems to have the edge over Guardiola when their two teams meet.

The expected challenge from Chelsea never materialised, Mauricio Pochettino is not yet at the same level and Stubborn Old Man is just past it. (more…)



With the possible exception of Ashley Young, who has benefitted from lavish praise and plenty of game time since José Mourinho became the Manchester United manager, there is nothing to suggest that others have improved and, in fact, players such as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba seem to have regressed.

By the time the Armenian left Old Trafford for Arsenal and the welcoming arms of Arséne Wenger, he almost looked a broken man. His confidence appeared to be shot to pieces and his last few appearances for United had seen him regularly substituted after poor displays during which he continuously gave the ball away. Hopefully, for his sake, he will fare better in London. (more…)


Second in the Premier League and through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Not too shabby and in fact, if it hadn’t been for the way his team were knocked out of the Champion’s League by Sevilla, the cracks would be well and truly papered over.

However, Mourinho chose, in his warped way of doing things, to criticise his team after they had just won rather than when they deserved it following a pathetic performance in Europe.

Placing his favourite signing, Nemanja Matić, on a pedestal of invincibility, he proceeded to label the rest as not having the character or personality to play for Manchester United. He pointed out, as he had when Chelsea lost to Leicester shortly before he was sacked, that the players had failed to follow his instructions. (more…)


(José Mourinho’s “couldn’t-care-less” attitude is annoying many United supporters and turning them against him)

Where to begin? That is the question.

José Mourinho is, without doubt, arrogant, selfish, ego-centric and has a superiority complex which would have had even the great Brian Clough questioning his own importance in the presence of such a man!

The difference between Mourinho and a manager Like Brian Clough is that Clough was always fairly honest in his interviews with the press. He knew that a lot of fans watched those question and answer sessions and he thought they deserved the truth.

After their pathetic performance against Sevilla, which resulted in yet another exit from the Champion’s League, the Portuguese had the chance to express his remorse. (more…)


With a gap of 30 points between leaders Manchester City and sixth placed Arsenal there is clearly a massive gulf in class, as has recently been evidenced by the two hammerings dished out to The Gunners by City in their last two meetings, both in London.

Things don’t get much better for the teams above Arsenal as there is still a gap of 16 points between City and second-placed Manchester United.

So what can the rest of the top six do to address the balance next season? (more…)


Carabao Cup

The first trophy of the season is officially up for grabs on Sunday. Well, it is if you are Arsenal or Manchester City.

In City’s case, it could be the first one of three and, in the case of Stubborn Old Man, it is a measure of how the mighty have fallen.

He is now not only competing in, but trying to win, the Europa League and so has gone, in the last two seasons, from serial Champion’s League participant and FA Cup winner, to a ‘B’ grade struggler needing to win Big Vase to regain entry to Big Cup. As we said, how the mighty have fallen. (more…)


Today we continue our look at what the short term future holds for the top six managers.

Yesterday we concluded that Jürgen Klopp will stay at Liverpool beyond this season, Antonio Conte will leave at the end of this season and Stubborn Old Man will, (probably), stubbornly carry on in his role as captain of the Titanic which is how he is viewed by many football followers, not just those of his own club.

The difference being that, if he were to abandon ship, then it probably wouldn’t sink and may even rise, submarine-like, with a new man in charge.

So to the other three and we start with:

Pep Guardiola (more…)


We are talking about what will happen with the top six managers come the end of the season.

Today we look at the managers of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool with the other three spotlighted tomorrow.

Warning!! There now follows some indisputable reasoning and irrefutable logic the like of which is only normally heard when two politicians are arguing the case for their respective parties. (more…)


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is jealous of the success Antonio Conte has had at his former club Chelsea, says pundit Tony Gale.

I think he feels a little bit jealous of Conte and what he’s achieved at Chelsea,” Gale said on Sky Sports. “He shouldn’t be because he achieved so much himself.

It kind of takes the little edge and pressure off of what’s happening at Manchester United, that probably isn’t good enough.

The football they’re playing isn’t quite good enough at the moment.” (more…)


The row between José Mourinho and Antonio Conte has now escalated to the point where pistols at dawn could replace the current handbags at teatime.

How has it reached this? How has a simple comment from Mourinho been blown up out of all proportion whereby all past histrionics and bad behaviour are now being quoted on both sides of the argument?

The answer is simple; the media is to blame 100%

Why is the media to blame? Because they are the ones who report, to use a Trumpism, “fake news”. (more…)