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Today we continue our look at what the short term future holds for the top six managers.

Yesterday we concluded that Jürgen Klopp will stay at Liverpool beyond this season, Antonio Conte will leave at the end of this season and Stubborn Old Man will, (probably), stubbornly carry on in his role as captain of the Titanic which is how he is viewed by many football followers, not just those of his own club.

The difference being that, if he were to abandon ship, then it probably wouldn’t sink and may even rise, submarine-like, with a new man in charge.

So to the other three and we start with:

Pep Guardiola (more…)



We are talking about what will happen with the top six managers come the end of the season.

Today we look at the managers of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool with the other three spotlighted tomorrow.

Warning!! There now follows some indisputable reasoning and irrefutable logic the like of which is only normally heard when two politicians are arguing the case for their respective parties. (more…)


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is jealous of the success Antonio Conte has had at his former club Chelsea, says pundit Tony Gale.

I think he feels a little bit jealous of Conte and what he’s achieved at Chelsea,” Gale said on Sky Sports. “He shouldn’t be because he achieved so much himself.

It kind of takes the little edge and pressure off of what’s happening at Manchester United, that probably isn’t good enough.

The football they’re playing isn’t quite good enough at the moment.” (more…)


The row between José Mourinho and Antonio Conte has now escalated to the point where pistols at dawn could replace the current handbags at teatime.

How has it reached this? How has a simple comment from Mourinho been blown up out of all proportion whereby all past histrionics and bad behaviour are now being quoted on both sides of the argument?

The answer is simple; the media is to blame 100%

Why is the media to blame? Because they are the ones who report, to use a Trumpism, “fake news”. (more…)


Pep Guardiola

Hands up those who believe that a quadruple is impossible for this Manchester City team!

Facing the all-conquering Bristol City in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, Basel in the next round of the Champion’s League and with a fifteen points lead in the Premier League, only the FA Cup is an unknown quantity as far as opponents go, but there is nobody to fear in that competition.

What’s impossible about that? Guardiola’s Barcelona team once won six trophies in a season so how can the quadruple for City be “impossible”. As they say, as long as they are in it, they can win it! (more…)


In Ed Woodward’s short and largely unsuccessful reign as whatever additional title he now holds regarding his control of the transfer policy at Manchester United, he has already had to deal with three managers.


David Moyes was the easy one. Ed was brand new to the position as was Moyes so they muddled through the first transfer window together like two kids meeting for the first time when starting school on the same day.

Ed made a mess of things that time back in 2013 and United ended up with Juan Mata, thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill, and Marouane Fellaini thanks to Woodward who missed the deadline for a decent discount on the deal and ended up paying £4 million more than he needed to. Still, easy come easy go, as they say. (more…)


What is the real reason why José Mourinho has never spent more than three seasons at any particular club?

Is it because of the wanderlust? Does he get itchy feet THAT easily? Does he just like moving around Europe? Or does he reach his sell-by date at clubs reasonably quickly?

Today’s top football managers, with one or two exceptions, tend not to stay at one club very long. This, at present and for the last few years, has suited José Mourinho.

His style of management since leaving Porto has been to look for quick fixes which have usually involved spending lots of money. He is not usually very successful in his first season but he has, until now, always won the title in his second season. (more…)


Firstly, we have to decide if there is any blame to be attached for anything. Manchester United are currently drawing games they would normally be expected to win but this could be described as just a blip.

Every team, at some stage, goes through a downturn in form and the trick is to make sure it lasts for as short a time possible.

It is also true to say that, in most other seasons of the Premier League era, United’s points tally would be enough to see them top the table, albeit narrowly.

Their ignominious exit from the Carabao Cup was the only real black mark on an otherwise relatively impressive season. (more…)


Eleven points behind Manchester City, beaten at Huddersfield and knocked out of the Carabao Cup by a Championship team. What is the reason for these poor results? Well, according to José Mourinho it’s “bad luck”, certainly with the last one.

One of Mourinho’s biggest failings is his inability to admit that anything is ever wrong. He will happily discuss what other managers do/did wrong, particularly those who preceded him at Old Trafford, going on to tell us who he wouldn’t have sold and who wouldn’t have gone out on loan.

He will then regale us with tales of what a wonderful manager he is and remind us, incessantly, of how many trophies he has won. (more…)


Today we exclusively reveal the secret behind Pep Guardiopla’s success at Manchester City – there isn’t one!

There is an old saying which goes something like, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.

This may represent the best solution for the likes of Mourinho, Klopp, Wenger, Pochettino and Conte in their battle with Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola.

After all, doing what he does is not rocket science and is only baffling to the simple structures which pass as brains in Premier League managers.

When we here at WSA started watching football we used to get quite excited when the internationals were being played. Back then, of course, with a mere 42 league games per season for the top flight clubs, a break wasn’t seen as necessary so the Home Internationals were played at the end of the season. (more…)