Manchester United According To Paul Scholes

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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After a very successful playing career spanning twenty years with Manchester United, during which time Paul Scholes said, ‘good morning’ in the morning and, ‘goodbye’ at the end of the day, and very little else, he has now decided that he has more to say.

The shy, ginger haired one who shunned interviews stating that he was a very private person who just wanted to be with his family, is now one of the most public people in football.

He appears on BT Sport regularly, he appears on ITV when they have anything to show. He comments on the Premier League, the Champions League and England internationals. In fact, for someone who spent twenty years avoiding the TV, he is now like a Cistercian monk released from his vow of silence and is determined to take advantage of the platform he denied himself for all those years.

And Scholesy has opinions. He has opinions on Arsenal, on Liverpool and on Manchester City to name but three. I am sure he would have opinions on any team in football if he was asked, but he saves his headline opinions for Manchester United and Louis van Gaal.

Conveniently forgetting the 0-0 draws he played in, not to mention the two European final losses to Barcelona, Scholes tends to talk as though Manchester United were football’s equivalent to the Harlem Globetrotters when he was playing. They weren’t, of course, but they did win more than they lost and they were attractive to watch the majority of the time.

Even the “ageing” team which won the last title under Ferguson were good to watch in the main.

So what is the difference now? Well, obviously the manager. Then there’s the full backs who, when fit would normally be Darmian and Shaw. Another new one is Daley Blind oh, and Marcos Rojo, so a couple of new utility players there who can play at least two positions each. Then there’s the changes to midfield which include Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Depay, (who is also a winger and a striker). Upfront there is a new winger/striker in Anthony Martial.

We musn’t forget that David Moyes brought players in as well. Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Marouane Fellaini all arrived while Moyes was in the hot seat.

So, if we consider that these players would have been bought to play regularly, then no less than eleven new players have been purchased since Lord Ferg did one to the stands.

Now, my name is not Wernher von Braun but it doesn’t have to be to work out that there is not going to be a seamless changeover whereby Manchester United continue to win the Premier League at a canter playing breathtaking football, when they have brought in eleven new players and a new manager!

To start with, van Gaal has a three year contract. He is almost halfway through it and, whatever he says, the long term is not his problem. He wants to have “manager of Manchester United” on his CV, be as successful as he can, then retire. He will strive for success in England and in Europe because that is the type of person he is.

He may say that attractive, attacking football is what he aspires to, but is it? Every other club he has managed has been successful and pleasing on the eye at some stage, sometimes shortly after he has left. He has usually needed two to three years to achieve his goals. That means United will be more successful in his final year and after he has gone.

So, whilst I can sympathise with the views of Paul Scholes and a heck of a lot of United fans, I also understand that success is not going to be achieved overnight, even with all the money that has been spent.


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