MLS: Gerrard And Lampard Need To Settle Down For A While

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Football, MLS, Opinion, USA
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The MLS season is over for Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. Their respective clubs, New York City and LA Galaxy failed to make the play-offs meaning an early holiday could be enjoyed by our intrepid adventurers.

So, what do they both do? Hightail it back to England to appear on Sky TV and BT Sport, that’s what they do.

Full of remorse for not being able to stay in the US of A for longer, but there was no need of course, their season was over.

What drivel! If, as they say, they are not doing the Columbus run for the money, then why are they doing it? Why do they need to appear more on British television now than they did when they were playing? Why do millionaires always want more?

Firstly, they could both have stayed in England. They would have made less money but, judging by how quickly they both scuttled back home, they would have been happier.

Neither of them would have had to uproot their families to spend six to eight months in America, then return to England, then do it again next season.

If, again as they both say, they are enjoying playing in America so much why don’t they spend some quality time there when they don’t have to play any football, sorry soccer. There is a lot to do and see in New York and the same applies to Los Angeles and now would be the perfect time to do it and see it.

They may argue that, having spent years playing in the Premier league, they wanted to come back while the season is ongoing and catch some games. So the same question to them. Why leave in the first place? Whenever I have been in America I have always been able to watch the Premier League.

The truth is actually a lot simpler than it appears. For the two of them, this is the first time they have spent any amount of time out of their country of birth and they can’t get used to it, whatever they say.

I am from Manchester and have lived in Spain for 22 years. Initially it was difficult not having family nearby, not having friends or a local pub to go to. I even had the language barrier initially, so I can imagine it was a difficult move for them even though language was not a problem.

The clubs will have helped of course, and they will have taken immediate family with them, but it is still a different world and a slightly different culture and, no matter how much money you have, it takes a little getting used to. Having money does make it easier to get used to.

Here’s a good article by Joe Prince-Wright on NBC which includes the thoughts of Landon Donovan:

The bottom line is that neither of them are international jet-setters, despite the money. One is a kid from London, the other a kid from Liverpool and they miss their home towns. Neither of them strike me as big theatre-goers, or opera buffs. In fact, I can imagine them spending more time in McDonalds, with their kids, than anywhere else. They both come from the “better the devil you know” school of thinking.

They saw the money on offer and grabbed it, whether needed or not. Only now are they beginning to realise the distance between England and America. Then there is the distance between cities in America meaning that the travelling is something they have to get used to just to get from one game to another.

The grass may be a little greener over the pond but, at the end of the day, the manure used is the same. The problems may be different, but they are still problems. Gerrard’s and Lampard’s return to England reminds them that the problems at home are more familiar and, therefore, easier to deal with.


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