Manchester United, David De Gea, Real Madrid & Barcelona

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Thanks to the recent transfer embargo handed out to the two Madrid teams, it seems that David De Gea may be staying at Manchester United for a while longer.

It may be that, having signed a new deal at Old Trafford, he decided that he didn’t want to leave anyway. At the time there was no encouragement from the Real Madrid fans, (mainly because he used to play for Atletico), nor was there much forthcoming from the management. It appeared that the chief procrastinator in all this drama was, as usual, Florentino Perez. It was he who wanted De Gea.

The story goes that when he realised how against the move the fans were and how much they liked Keylor Navas, he conveniently messed up the paperwork which saved him from an embarrassing u-turn on the matter. Whatever the truth is, De Gea remains in Manchester with two of his three amigos.

Given Florentino Perez’ penchant for wanting everything HIS WAY because, as far as he is concerned, HIS WAY is what is best for Real Madrid irrespective of what anybody else may think, it is no surprise that they have fallen foul of some rule about wresting kids from the arms of their parents at a very young age.

Real Madrid appear to have broken at least one of the three main rules governing the transfer of youth players. Firstly, international youth transfers can only take place if the parents have moved to the country for reasons not related to football. Secondly, transfers can only take place within the European Union of players between 16 and 18 and thirdly, if the player in question lives less than 50 kms from the national border, he/she may be signed without a problem.

Given that this is the same law which Barcelona broke when receiving their transfer embargo and that other clubs, such as Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Villareal are being looked into, it would seem to be a Spanish thing, particularly when you remember that Lionel Messi was 13 when he was flown to Spain to sign for Barca. Here’s the story, it is very interesting. On the other hand maybe they are just the starting point of a wider investigation.

Certainly an investigation into how clubs conduct their transfer business would take the spotlight off FIFA’s own problems, which are numerous. At least until the election in February when the whole world will return it’s collective gaze to planet football’s governing body.

At the moment, it would appear to be a bit of a kangaroo court as nobody really knows who is running FIFA since the sackings, bannings, jailings and pending prosecutions, but let’s just hope that somebody with a modicum of common sense is holding the reins.

All should become a lot clearer once a new dicta…., sorry President, is voted in next month and life can begin to get back to normal.

Meanwhile poor old Perez has had to remove a recently installed creche facility from the Bernabeu. He insists it was installed to help the players and their wives to cope with the children. There are suspicions, however, that it is was his latest aid for the scouting of youngsters.

But seriously, it looks as though Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be holding onto their players for the next couple of transfer windows, (unless their appeals are successful, of course), as they will not be able to replace anybody they sell. That in itself should not make a notable difference to teams in the Premier League but, the fact that they can’t sign players may do.

As a team used to having it’s pick of the best players it looks as though the likes of Eden Hazard and David De Gea will be staying where they are or, in Hazard’s case, moving elsewhere.

So, for once, La Liga is helping the Premier League, albeit inadvertently.

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