Liverpool & Manchester United Rivalry

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Liverpool and Manchester United have, quite surprisingly, not contested many top of the table battles. It has nearly always been a case of Liverpool challenging for the title with United in mid-table, or vice versa. This time they are both out of the top four!

They have always had the local rivalry because of the history and proximity of the two cities. Certainly, in this respect, there is more at stake between Manchester United and Liverpool than between the two Manchester teams.

The Manchester derby is definitely the biggest game from a financial viewpoint when you consider the two clubs’ relative wealth but, much as some of the fans would disagree, it still isn’t regarded as the game between the two biggest rivals.

After all, what is at stake in the derby? Local pride, bragging rights down the pub for a few days? Not much else unless it is a title decider when it gains slightly more importance, but also loses a little of it’s identity as it becomes just a game between two top teams.

I have explained in earlier chronicles that I am quite unusual in my football support. I support Manchester in general. I don’t apologise for it and I don’t see anything wrong with it. What can be wrong in wanting your home city to do well?

Yes I am ostensibly a Manchester United fan, but that doesn’t mean that I hate City. I always wish them well except in derby games! Seeing City relegated, for example, is not my idea of a good season. Seeing them finish second in the Premier League, as long as United win it would be a great season.

So the games against Liverpool are “bigger” in meaning. Two Northern English cities competing for trade, visitors and, nowadays, global football fans.

I can only imagine the United/Liverpool game is the bigger of the Manchester/Liverpool games because of their relative success. They very rarely transfer any players between the two and Gabriel Heinze, the last player who expressed a wish to leave United for Liverpool, was virtually drummed out of town to Madrid as soon as was possible. United were so adamant hat he wasn’t going to Liverpool that Heinze, at one stage, threatened to sue them for restriction of trade. He didn’t.

The United/Everton, City/Liverpool and City/Everton games don’t project the same kind of intensity or even malice as the United /Liverpool game does so, fortunately in some respects, it seems that this game is the chosen one to display the hugely competitive relationship between the cities.

The other aspect, of course, is that City and Everton, rightly or wrongly have generally been regarded as the second clubs in the respective cities. That may be the case now, as far as support goes, but it wasn’t always. In Manchester at least, City were originally “the club”. They were the famous ones before United ever came to prominence.

Over in Liverpool, it was Everton who originally played at Anfield before Liverpool even existed. In fact, only an issue over rent, which caused Everton to move out led to the creation of Liverpool FC.

So the meeting of Manchester United and Liverpool promises a great game, particularly when the clubs last matches are taken into consideration. Both teams drew 3-3 in excellent midweek tussles against Newcastle and Arsenal respectively.

Having now tempted providence you know the rest don’t you? Boring 0-0 draw!

  1. Bernard says:

    Great post Iain. There can be no argument that United v Liverpool is the biggest game in Lancashire, maybe even England, regardless of where either team is positioned in the league.
    City have only come on the scene in recent times although they are without doubt the best side at the moment. Who knows whether LFC will ever come back into prominence or if United will get over the current slump. As we know from history, every great empire has eventually collapsed never to return, so nothing is guaranteed in respect to United and Liverpool, much as the respective supporters would wish otherwise.
    Either way, let’s hope for a great game tomorrow, exciting and hard fought.

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  2. aggrey c says:

    trickest game:dats wat i can say

    Liked by 1 person

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