Would Paul Pogba Bring Anything Extra To Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United?

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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It seems that Manchester United’s overworked scouts have again been collecting some overtime.

Having already unearthed a gem by scouting the little known French league and coming up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho sent them back across the channel to see if there were any more hidden away.

Before long a report was winging it’s way to Old Trafford bearing news of a young player at a little club in Paris. His name: Paul Labile Pogba. According to the scouts he would be a snip at around £90 million and would cost a mere £300k per week. They had watched a couple of games and, although he had been pretty ineffective, the scouts had seen enough to convince them that a move should be made to sign him.

Jose Mourinho immediately informed Ed Woodward that this was exactly the type of player he needed in order to push for the Premier league title. Ed didn’t have the heart, (or the guts), to admit that Pogba had once been a United player in his youth and only left the club because one of the previous managers, who shall remain nameless, decided he wasn’t good enough for the first team and effectively sold him for £800k or thereabouts.

So a return is now on the cards. The question is; Is Pogba worth the money and is he the kind of player who will turn United into champions again, as Eric Cantona did?

My first reaction to those questions is, NO! He is not worth the money and the majority of United fans would agree with me on that and, judging by his performances in the Euros, he is not a player who would transform a team from also-rans to challengers.

That isn’t to say he wouldn’t be a good player for United but it is he AND the other signings that will turn United into champions again, not him alone.

The other question mark against him is attitude. He wasn’t prepared to sign a new contract at United and wait for his chance in the first team. Granted, HE thought he was good enough and should have been given a run in the team but that was not HIS decision. Fergie chose not to play him and that should have been that.

If he returns to Old Trafford and finds himself dropped for any reason, will he react in the same petulant way? If he does you can bet that the attitude of Mourinho will be exactly the same as that of Sir Alex. He won’t get away with it and could find himself departing for a second time.

Is it really worth all the potential problems, not to mention the cost, that would be involved in signing Pogba? Is he really THAT good?

The phrase “once bitten twice shy” comes to mind when I hear Pogba linked with a move to Manchester United. With this in mind I think they should concentrate on other targets.

There are two Germans, Tony Kroos and Julian Draxler, supposedy available for the right money. In fact, for what Pogba would cost, United could probably get both of them!

If Pogba does make the move to United I hope I am completely wrong in my summation of his character. I hope he spends many years at the club and helps to lead United to countless more Premier League titles.

The problem is that, even though I say so myself, I am not very often wrong.

  1. RedMe says:

    A “previous manager” wasn’t the type that got told by the players or anybody else for that matter. At the time he didn’t think that he was ready for first team action and when young Pogba said ” I play in the first team or I go ” the manager said “bye”. SAF in my opinion made few mistakes when letting players go. In fact good ones except for the ones he fell out with over the 26 years in charge at Old Trafford I don’t thnk it amounts to five. So again for me a transfer that is only good for marketing purposes not team improvement. Yes we want the best players but not at any price. The way Ed his overpaying for players ( Fellaini, Di Maria etc.. ) I believe he is getting commissions.


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