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It seems that Manchester United’s overworked scouts have again been collecting some overtime.

Having already unearthed a gem by scouting the little known French league and coming up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho sent them back across the channel to see if there were any more hidden away.

Before long a report was winging it’s way to Old Trafford bearing news of a young player at a little club in Paris. His name: Paul Labile Pogba. According to the scouts he would be a snip at around £90 million and would cost a mere £300k per week. They had watched a couple of games and, although he had been pretty ineffective, the scouts had seen enough to convince them that a move should be made to sign him. (more…)


Starting with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who looks pretty nailed on to arrive at Old Trafford in the very near future. His purchase will sell a lot of shirts and will certainly please some sponsors but is it a good deal? Judging by the way he has totally underwhelmed at the Euros the answer has to be “No”. Also, at 34, he is not in the age group of players a club like United should be signing.

Scoring a lot of goals in the French league is not too difficult a task for a decent striker. Defences are not even Championship level and the margin by which PSG won the title should warn any potential suitors of players that they may not be as good as the league makes them look.

Chances of being a success at United: 4/10 (more…)