Was David De Gea Right To Stay At Manchester United?

Posted: September 2, 2016 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Although the transfer to Real Madrid a year ago was scuppered by some dodgy faxwork, there is really no reason why, if they were that determined, Madrid shouldn’t have come back for him during this latest transfer window. Did they ever really want him? We at WSA are not so sure, and we said as much at the time.

Right from the beginning there were real problems and potential problems with this move. Firstly it was said that De Gea wanted the move because he is from Madrid. That is entirely possible but not to Real. De Gea was brought up through the academy at Atlético, so would have been looked upon as a traitor by their fans and an intruder by the enemy. There was never any clamour from the Madridistas for him to sign.

The second reason this was a dubious move was because Real Madrid already had a perfectly good goalkeeper in Keylor Navas. In fact he was a true fans favourite so replacing him would not have gone down too well with the club’s supporters. It would be a little like the Joe Hart situation at Manchester City except that the City faithful are prepared to trust Pep Guardiola’s judgement. Real Madrid fans are not so trusting.

The word in Madrid is that Florentino Perez was the only one who really wanted this move to happen. He saw it as another Galactico signing which would further endear him to the masses. He was wrong.

It would appear as though he came to the same conclusion himself and, at the last minute, made sure that the transfer didn’t happen by using the fax machine as an excuse for paperwork failing to meet the deadline.

Of course De Gea went on to sign a new contract with Manchester United and, whether or not it contained a release clause, many thought that Madrid would be back knocking on the door this time around.

The way it was mishandled the first time actually pointed to the transfer failing to happen in the foreseeable future so, to ourselves, it came as no surprise when there was no further attempt from Real Madrid to sign De Gea.

As far as the lead question goes, De Gea was most definitely right to stay at United. He is adored by the fans, he is the number one goalkeeper at Old Trafford, he is now the number one for Spain.

Had he gone to Madrid he may never have become a fans favourite simply because he had replaced a fans favourite. He may have suffered a loss of form meaning that he would be neither the Madrid first team goalkeeper, nor that of the Spanish national team. Not that it really matters, it is all conjecture.

At Manchester United he feels at home. He has Spanish friends around him and plenty of things to see and do around the area. He also speaks fairly good English so really has no need whatsoever to move on.

The only other stumbling block to him staying with United has also been removed. Louis van Gaal’s sacking was certainly a deciding factor as it is rumoured that De Gea disliked both him and the goalkeeping coach, Frans Hoek.

Now, of course, he has actually stated that he is looking forward to working with Jose Mourinho as “he is a winner“. So another bridge appears to have been successfully crossed rather than burnt.

To date Manchester United have played three games, won all three and conceded one goal. Things couldn’t be going much better for the Spaniard who doesn’t appear to be regretting anything at all about his failed transfer to Real Madrid.


  1. RedMe says:

    What about the girlfriend, could she come and stick needles in.Let’s hope she is not another Posh Spice and put her needs above his football.


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