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José Mourinho is a winner. He hates losing almost as much as Pep Guardiola likes winning. His big problem is that, this season, it would appear that Guardiola is going to win more than his Portuguese counterpart.

There is a very slight chance that United will win the Champion’s League and the FA Cup but it is highly unlikely and there is a far greater chance that City will win the Carabao Cup and the Premier League, particularly as they are so far ahead in one that they have disappeared from view of the chasing pack, and they are in the final of the other with only Stubborn Old Man’s Arsenal standing between them and the first trophy of Pep’s City career.

City are among the favourites for the Champion’s League and the FA Cup as well so the season could be spectacular! (more…)



Saturday’s early game…..


Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Hoping for his first Arsenal goal

Spurs against Arsenal at White Hart Wembley should be interesting if only because Chelsea’s recent disintegration has opened the door to a top four place again.

Having won 2-0 at The Emirates in November, Stubborn Old Man will be hoping for a repeat and with new signings Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the side he may well get one.

His only problem is that it was the defence which needed strengthening not the attack and it is the defence which will be tested as Spurs have a pretty decent forward line themselves.

It remains to be seen if Lucas Moura makes his Spurs debut but, irrespective of this and as is the case with most derby matches, the most likely outcome is a draw. (more…)


Jürgen begs to differ…..


Jürgen Klopp – He knows a penalty when he sees one!

Question: When is a penalty not a penalty? Answer: When the referee gives it but Jürgen Klopp disagrees with the decision.

Actually, the more astute of you will have noticed that the answer given is not quite true.

Just because Klopp disagrees with the decision doesn’t mean the penalty is unawarded, much as he thinks it should be.

No, he really is quite a reasonable person, just ask Simon Mignolet. As soon as the offside rule was explained to him he realised that Harry Kane was onside when he was brought down making the awarding of a penalty the correct decision. (more…)


Manchester United won’t be buying any attacking players in the next transfer window. How do we know that? Because José Mourinho told us so, that’s how. Well, he didn’t exactly tell just us, he told anybody who was listening at the time so there can be no misunderstanding. Up front he is happy with his lot!

He has Romelu Lukaku who isn’t very good in the air, doesn’t hold up the play very well, as he frequently loses the ball, and only has one foot. He is quite good at doing goals, as long as he isn’t too far from the goal and the ball is close to his left foot. (more…)


Raheem Sterling and Jesse Lingard are doing well. Their standard of play is nothing more than OK but they are managing to come up with important goals. Because of this, they are selected for more games than not.

Raheem Sterling, right from the beginning of the season, against Bournemouth, has found the knack of scoring important goals and has done so consistently since then. Consequently he has been selected for the majority of City’s games and has been widely praised for his contribution to the team.

The fact that he scores a few goals is not in doubt. What we would question is his overall quality when compared with others in the side. (more…)


Following a midweek round of fixtures which saw Arsenal and Chelsea beaten convincingly by teams who made it obvious by the way they played and fought that they had a lot more to lose than London’s finest, questions, unsurprisingly, were asked of the two managers.

Regardless of his midweek failure, Chelsea fans will have been ecstatic to hear that Antonio Conte intends to see out his current contract which still has eighteen months to run.

This means that he will be there next season to oversee the club’s Europa League campaign, unless Roman Abramovich thinks differently, which he probably does! (more…)


Now that all the transfer hullabaloo is over and Premier League clubs have broken the spending record for a January window again, Sky Sports News can finally return to what only itself considers to be normality, (or normalcy for our American readers).

With slightly less news now being available avid viewers will get the chance to hear reporters repeatedly reporting reports which have already been reported repeatedly or repeatedly reported.

This means that massive headline news, such as “Yeovil Town tea lady trips over pair of boots carelessly left lying around after Tuesday’s training session!” will now be aired every ten minutes instead of every fifteen. That’s now 144 times per day rather than 96! You lucky people, you! (more…)


Having sat through the 2-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night, we couldn’t help reminiscing about the innumerable times we have suggested that Antonio Valencia, an ageing right winger, cannot play right-back because he can’t defend.

We have, also on many occasions, thought exactly the same about Ashley Young, also an ageing right winger, who is now playing at left-back. He too cannot defend.

Chris Smalling is a donkey of a defender who only knows one way of playing. He kicks out in the general direction of the ball and, occasionally, successfully connects. He is constantly caught out of position and frequently gives possession away too easily. (more…)


Manchester City beat Cardiff City without their new signings Fred and Aymeric Laporte mainly because they are not yet their new signings.

Laporte is expected to be announced on Tuesday because the weather will be nice in Manchester and there are no direct flights from Bilbao on Monday evening since easyJet cancelled their service. So he will have to fly with TAP which stops off in Lisbon on the way!

Either that or they could splash out on a private jet but, given that Pep Guardiola has been at pains to point out how poor City really are, that is unlikely. (more…)



Aymeric Laporte – About to join the scrap for places at City

Manchester City are on the verge of completing a deal for Aymeric Laporte. The Frenchman currently plays for Athletic Bilbao and City have circumvented any needless haggling and price manipulation by the Spaniards by just agreeing to pay the release cause, meaning that there is nothing Bilbao can do about the transfer other than sanction it.

The player has yet to he capped by his country but that, in truth, is more a reflection on the strange selection policy sometimes adopted by the French manager, Didier Deschamps.

The question now is; will he play regularly for City? Most people would think that a player costing around £60 million would be nailed on for a place in the first team but, as usual, that is not necessarily the case when it is Pep Guardiola picking the starting eleven. (more…)