Praise Indeed From The Old Boss To The New As Sir Alex Ferguson Finally Seems To Think That José Mourinho Is The Right Man For The Manchester United Job

Posted: January 26, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Football, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Well, almost. Mourinho is certainly more like Ferguson than Moyes or van Gaal were. Even taking into account that Moyes is from Glasgow he had little else in common with Ferguson.

Some of the press have been reporting an interview given by Lord Ferg to BBC Sport during which he mentioned how Mourinho has now calmed down on the touchline, pointing out that it was his Latin temperament which was to blame for the occasional outbursts.

He is an emotional guy, there is no question about that. People from these countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, have got that emotional part to them“, he trilled, conveniently forgetting to mention that certain people from Scotland also seem to share the same trait.

He did say that he thought Louis van Gaal had done a “good job” whilst following that by saying that Mourinho was doing a “great job“. So praise indeed and José should be happy to hear that as it was suggested, not too long ago, that Ferguson was against the appointment of the Portuguese.

What has actually happened is that United, despite some “fans” arguments to the contrary, have got the right man in charge. Whatever Fergie may think, or may have thought, David Moyes was never going to succeed and it is now fairly apparent that he actually overachieved while at Everton.

Further failure at Real Sociedad and imminent failure at Sunderland also seem to prove that he is nowhere near being a top class manager, let alone capable of being in charge at Old Trafford! Champagne corks popped and there was a party atmosphere amongst the fans when he was fired. He had been given a chance and he blew it quite spectacularly.

Louis van Gaal tried his best but his best was stuck in a time warp as he tried to bring back the good old days of HIS earlier successes as opposed to those of United. This was the problem. He made it all about himself and came across as very much the most important member of the “team“. There weren’t many tears shed when he was shown the door, either in the dressing room or in the stands.

Ferguson also had a few words about Wayne Rooney taking over as the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. He doesn’t think the new record will ever be broken because nobody else will stay at the club for ten years or more. As we here at WSA have been saying all along, that is the ONLY reason Rooney now holds the record. With an average of less than twenty goals per season over his career, it is a milestone he would never have reached if he had been sold when he should have been.

Anyway, back to Mourinho for whom things appear to be coming together quite nicely. His decision not to buy a new defender in this window seems to have been justified as Marcos Rojo is, apparently, fit again and Eric Bailly is returning from the Afcon, out but hopefully not too down.

If José is to continue being compared favourably with Sir Alex then United now have to maintain their unbeaten run in the league as the strength of the team was always more evident after Christmas when Ferguson was in charge. Many of his titles were won through the relentless pressure he could put on his rivals during the early months of the new year.

In this instance he has to hope that others, mainly Chelsea, slip up, but stranger things have happened. This is all new to Antonio Conte so, fingers crossed, there could be an implosion at The Bridge, (straw grasping is becoming quite an art form here at WSA).

If United end the season without the title the fans will not be too depressed as the club seems to be in very good hands again so it won’t be too long before the trophy is back where it belongs.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson seems to agree with us these days! What more could we ask?


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