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The headline assumes, rather arrogantly from the point of view of the clubs concerned, that only Chelsea, United and Tottenham Hotspur have a chance of winning it.

It is safe to say that Brighton, Leicester City, Southampton, Swansea City and Wigan will all have fancied their chances before the quarter finals kicked off.

Here we take a brief look at the ties, both played and unplayed, in reverse chronological order. (more…)



The race for the final three places in the top four is certainly hotting up with Chelsea now within four points of Liverpool who currently occupy fourth spot.

It would appear though, that despite a morale-boosting win in the Europa League over AC Milan being followed by a comfortable home win against Watford, Arsenal’s Premier League race is run and the best they can hope for is to maybe catch Chelsea in fifth. Even for that to happen there would need to be a major derailment of Antonio Conte’s train, as the gap between the two is currently eight points. (more…)


Anybody who regularly reads this daily outpouring of common sense and logic interspersed with nonsensical and, occasionally, difficult-to-believe hyperbole, will be aware that we have provided the solution to combatting Pep Guardiola’s total football at The Etihad.

We have already gone to great lengths in past articles explaining to the likes of José Mourinho, Antonio Conte, (if he’s still there next season), Arséne Wenger, (if he’s still there next season), Maurico Pochettino and Jürgen Klopp what they need to do to keep pace with the Spaniard.

We cannot be held responsible for their failings if they choose not to read our articles or take our advice! (more…)


On the south coast Arsenal played Brighton in a game they were not favourites to win. This is a statement which, for the last twenty years or so, (and probably longer), would have been scoffed at by the vast majority of football followers.

This Arsenal, however, have taken their game to a new level which is decidedly lower than it has been for decades.

It wasn’t long before they were 2-0 down to Brighton thanks to some decent finishing and awful defending. Fortunately, for The Gunners, the hosts switched off just before half-time and allowed Arsenal to pull one back. (more…)


Today, Saturday, saw a relatively quiet day for the top six in the Premier League, with only Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool in action.

Spurs were at “home” to Huddersfield Town whilst, in the late game Liverpool took on Newcastle United at Anfield in a fixture which saw the return of Rafa Benitez to the club where he experienced his greatest success.

The first game saw a reasonably easy victory for Spurs although they originally struggled to find the net and only led 1-0 at half-time. The second half followed a similar pattern and Son managed to get his, and Spurs’ second goal to wrap up a fairly routine win. (more…)


With a gap of 30 points between leaders Manchester City and sixth placed Arsenal there is clearly a massive gulf in class, as has recently been evidenced by the two hammerings dished out to The Gunners by City in their last two meetings, both in London.

Things don’t get much better for the teams above Arsenal as there is still a gap of 16 points between City and second-placed Manchester United.

So what can the rest of the top six do to address the balance next season? (more…)


That’s an easy one, we can almost hear you say. Money, money and even more money!

Sorry, far too simplistic a reason and always the first excuse used when a player moves from one big club to another. In the case of Nemanja Matić, for example, he may be collecting a bigger pay packet at United but his primary reason for jumping the Chelsea ship was to rejoin José Mourinho, so the club and the salary whilst important, were secondary considerations.

Many players, over the last few years, have left Arsenal and, while Stubborn Old Man is in charge, will continue to do so. This again isn’t about money it’s about ambition and wanting to win trophies. Yes, if they are good enough, the player in question will always receive more money when he moves to a bigger club, but what difference to his lifestyle is an extra £50k per week really going to make when added to the £150k he is already being paid? (more…)

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So another big day in the footballing calendar came and went as Manchester took on London yet again. Yes folks, two teams from England’s premier city lined up to play, in the first game which was a Premier League fixture, Chelsea, and in the second game which was the Carabao Cup final, Arsenal.

Prior to this starter and main course, however, there was an aperitif, which was a second-city derby between Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur at Selhurst Park.

This was a game which could have gone either way or straight down the middle and the only safe bet before kick-off was to sit on the metaphorical fence, a position which this esteemed publication has no difficulty in assuming. (more…)


The Premier League doesn’t really get underway for the top six until Sunday this weekend and even then Manchester City and Arsenal will be missing from the fixture list.

Saturday’s sole representatives of England’s elite were Liverpool who played West Ham United at Anfield.

It turned out to be a fairly routine outing for Jürgen Klopp’s men. West Ham United didn’t even bother to flatter, they just deceived.

A first half goal from Emre Can was followed, in the second half, by further goals from Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané and that, essentially, was that.

West Ham did manage to grab a consolation goal when 3-1 down through Mikail Antonio but the damage, by this time, had already been done. (more…)


Carabao Cup

The first trophy of the season is officially up for grabs on Sunday. Well, it is if you are Arsenal or Manchester City.

In City’s case, it could be the first one of three and, in the case of Stubborn Old Man, it is a measure of how the mighty have fallen.

He is now not only competing in, but trying to win, the Europa League and so has gone, in the last two seasons, from serial Champion’s League participant and FA Cup winner, to a ‘B’ grade struggler needing to win Big Vase to regain entry to Big Cup. As we said, how the mighty have fallen. (more…)