Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney Has A Decision To Make, With A Little Help From José Mourinho

Posted: February 22, 2017 in European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Wayne Rooney
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The fans will love him, if he goes. They will immediately be able to sing his name, it’s almost Chinese in pronunciation anyway – Wei Ru Ni. If he goes. The Chinese Super League will have attracted another big name to give more credibility to their project, if he goes.

Is there any reason he wouldn’t go? He doesn’t seem to be able to get into the first team at United at present and his chances would be likely to diminish as he gets even older.

Although, outwardly, José Mourinho is saying lots of positive things about Rooney, they don’t actually include selecting him for first team duty at any time in the near future and they stop short of saying that he wants him to stay.

Only Sky Sports News thought that his declaring himself fit recently was a major boost to Manchester United. Everybody else reacted with a collective “so what, he doesn’t bring anything to the team now”.

So is the time now right for Rooney to make the move? The answer has to be “Yes”, but is China the right destination? That part of the equation is doubtful.

He stands to make a lot more money if he takes the long trip to the Orient, but he doesn’t need it. It would certainly smack of a decision based on greed if he were to go.

He will have to uproot his wife and children to live in a country where he has no hope whatsoever of learning the language. He probably thinks a few visits to Chinatown and some takeaways from the local chippy are suitable preparation for a life in the East but he has a very rude awakening if that is the case.

His other options include going to the MLS, which would make a lot more sense. There were a couple of clubs expressing interest in him not that long ago and he needs to see if they are still options which are open to him. No language barrier, no big cultural change, not even a dramatic change in lifestyle. It is definitely the more logical of the two possibilities. He would be paid less than in China but some things are more important than money, especially when you have lots of it anyway.

He could, of course, remain in England. It would be quite a fitting end to his career if he could return to Everton for a couple of seasons, assuming that Ronald Koeman would want him. If not, there would be plenty of other clubs interested in his services.

Whatever he decides to do it will be a defining moment in his life. His days are surely numbered at Manchester United and, with a little luck, the number is a small one. So he has to think of his next, and possibly final, move.

He will leave with the thanks of the United faithful, if not the undying affection he would have enjoyed had he been a little more respectful during his time at Old Trafford.

Whatever he chooses to do we wish him well for the future.


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