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So there is a slight chance that England will pull out of the World Cup due to the current tension between the UK and Russia.

As is often the case when politics and sport meet there are rarely any winners.

Back in 1980 the United States, among others, boycotted the Moscow Olympic games. They then spent the whole fortnight pointing out how many medals they would have won had they been there. The boycott was in protest at the Russian invasion of Afghanistan earlier that year and achieved precisely nothing, a little like the invasion itself. (more…)



In the good old, (bad old?), days back when WSA was unheard of and was, in fact, just a strip of a lad, trekking down to Old Trafford every other week to watch a decent team which didn’t win very much , football was a very simple affair.

Arriving at the ground by 1:00pm if United were playing another big club usually ensured that we would get a seat in the Stretford End. If not then it would be standing in the Stretford End and, due to my size, or lack of, back in those days, standing did not always guarantee a view of the game. If United were playing a lesser team then we would arrive around 2:00pm and usually have no trouble getting a seat. (more…)


The fans will love him, if he goes. They will immediately be able to sing his name, it’s almost Chinese in pronunciation anyway – Wei Ru Ni. If he goes. The Chinese Super League will have attracted another big name to give more credibility to their project, if he goes.

Is there any reason he wouldn’t go? He doesn’t seem to be able to get into the first team at United at present and his chances would be likely to diminish as he gets even older. (more…)


(“Never mind Wazza, those yanks will soon pick up the scouse lingo!”)

I have not written a piece about Wayne Rooney for a while. This is not because there has been nothing to write about, there always is with him. Whether he is holding the club to ransom, condescendingly telling the fans he has nothing to prove or just plain playing badly, there is always something.

The problem is that it becomes boring after a while and loyal readers get fed up with articles about the same person.

However, it is about time to remind the world of his existence which, unfortunately, still lies with Manchester United. (more…)



What does Wayne Rooney have on the plus side of his account with United?

He is the clubs leading all-time goalscorer. He is the captain of United as well as of England, although the impression is that both appointments were made due to a massive shortage of suitable candidates. He has been a decent player for a few seasons whilst never reaching the heights thought possible when he first appeared for Everton. That’s about it!

Unless I am missing something glaringly obvious then Rooney hasn’t actually contributed massively to United’s success over the years. That isn’t to say that he hasn’t contributed at all, he has, just not to the extent that some people, himself included, would have us believe. (more…)

A United States fan shows his support before the first half of the Gold Cup semifinals against Honduras at Cowboys Stadium, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

After all these years trying, the Americans seem to have finally got the hang of that there Soccer game.

Alright, so they had to rename it in order to not get confused with the armoured Rugby they call Football, which consists of, in the main, carrying or throwing the ball with their hands.

They also have a very popular sport called Baseball. In the UK it is called Rounders and is played, almost exclusively, by very strong schoolgirls.

So it was about time that a real sport was introduced that will eventually become more popular than either of the aforementioned, as it has in virtually every other country in the world. (more…)