José Mourinho Would Have To Be Very Bad At His Job NOT To Improve Manchester United

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Football, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Sir Alex Ferguson retired. David Moyes came in. Hailed as the “Chosen One” he rather quickly became the “Frozen One” as results started to go against him. He also managed to break some unwanted records in his time and the list is as follows:-

1United suffered their first defeat to Newcastle at Old Trafford in 41 years.

2Everton’s victory at Old Trafford confirmed their first league double over the Reds since 1970.

3As a result of that defeat, United had won just one of their 12 meetings with the Premier League’s top eight sides that season.

4Swansea claimed their first ever win at Old Trafford as they knocked the Reds out of the FA Cup.

5It was only the second time in 30 years that United had exited the competition at that stage.

6The loss to the Swans followed a first home defeat to West Brom since 1978.

7Losing at Goodison Park mathematically confirmed that United wouldn’t play Champions League football the following season for the first time since 1995.

8They finished behind rivals Liverpool for only the second time in the Premier League era.

9Speaking of adversaries, City’s win at Old Trafford that season meant that it was the first time they had pulled off three consecutive away wins over the Reds since earning five between 1968 and 1972 (not all Moyes’ fault, of course).

10City and Liverpool had, in fact, never both done the double over United since the Premier League began.

11The club posted their lowest points total in the rebranded English top-flight.

12And finally, the 2-2 home draw with Fulham saw the hosts make the most crosses (81) ever seen in a Premier League fixture.

As the world is aware, he was followed by Louis van Gaal, a Dutchman who had experienced success in Holland, Spain and Germany. His successes were a number of years ago and his main problem was in thinking that his draconian methods would work in the Premier League of today.

They didn’t and, amid rumours of growing unhappiness within the squad, he was shown the door having won the FA Cup and very few friends outside of the Manchester restaurant scene.

So when Mourinho took over, in theory there was a very good chance he would improve the team. All he needed to do was win a trophy and he would have equalled van Gaal’s achievement.

What many people didn’t think he could do was to win a trophy AND play exciting, attacking football.

He has now done both. In fact, including the Community Shield, he has won two trophies and the team is playing well. They are not scoring enough goals, but they are certainly creating the chances.

At the end of the season, United can be expected to sign at least two players and probably more, which should address the lack of goals and make the team even more exciting to watch.

The doubters, who knew little about football, have been quietened. They realise that Mourinho is not all about winning games 1-0, although he can when necessary. They also now realise that he is the best man for the job.

Having seen what happens when one of the biggest clubs in the world employs a youngish manager who has won nothing, followed by a manager who has won a lot and is respected, but has outdated ideas and few man-management skills, the fans were ready for something in between. They were certainly rewarded with a youngish manager who has won everything and will go on to win a lot more with Manchester United.

He couldn’t fail really, could he?

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