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For the last few years the top six in England’s Premier League has been very predictable. They may have switched positions at times but it has always been the same six teams.

Last season, Chelsea and Arsenal were the ones to miss out on the Champion’s League places and it is surely no coincidence that both clubs start the coming season with a new man in charge.

Manchester City, in case you were holidaying on Mars, ran away with the title with Manchester United finishing second, a mere 19 points behind. Tottenham were third and Liverpool fourth.

Down in seventh place were Burnley who finished the season nine points behind Arsenal in sixth. (more…)



Sir Alex Ferguson retired. David Moyes came in. Hailed as the “Chosen One” he rather quickly became the “Frozen One” as results started to go against him. He also managed to break some unwanted records in his time and the list is as follows:-

1United suffered their first defeat to Newcastle at Old Trafford in 41 years.

2Everton’s victory at Old Trafford confirmed their first league double over the Reds since 1970.

3As a result of that defeat, United had won just one of their 12 meetings with the Premier League’s top eight sides that season. (more…)


Well here we are, dear readers, preparing for the second Manchester derby of the season and we’re only in October!

Regular followers of this irregular missive will have noticed that I have, on occasion, seen fit to bemoan the way that cup draws seem to bring the Manchester clubs together, before the final, on a fairly consistent basis. They seem destined never to get to the altar, always having to have a sordid little affair long before the big day ever dawns which then, invariably, belongs to somebody else. (more…)


It always seems to me, nowadays anyway, that Manchester United are never far away from having a team to challenge for trophies.

Never mind who is manager, as long as it is somebody with experience of a big club, who knows what he is doing, the manager shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not the club wins trophies, the players should.

When you consider the players they have and the money they have spent the only surprise is that it is taking so long to get things right on the pitch.

Louis van Gaal and the United fans don’t need me to tell them that more goals are required but at least the signs were promising against Swansea, when Martial and Rooney both scored.

I am still not a lover of playing too many people out of position and think that the great teams of the past, not just at United, have usually had specialists in each position.

It does appear though, that United are looking at strikers, centre backs and full backs during this transfer window. That is not to say they will buy all three, but at least they seem to be looking which is an acknowledgement that they know where they can improve. (more…)