No News Is Never Good News For José Mourinho Because It Means That Ed Is Dithering Again

Posted: July 23, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Transfers
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WSA gets the impression that José Mourinho is always waiting for news of something. It may be that he is about to get fired and would like to hear about it. It could also be that his wife and kids want to stay in London while he jollies off up to Manchester to slum it in a five star hotel for the duration of his United contract, but he wants to know about it.

He wants to know who is “with him” at Old Trafford and who is “against him“. Who will let him down by refusing to play when injured and who will ignore the pain and fight for the cause?

He also wants to know if United are going to buy him any more players, and why they haven’t already, and what are they doing about it? José wants to know everything.

We suppose it is just him trying to do his job to the best of his ability. After all, those pesky reporters will want to know everything so, in turn, it is to his advantage to know everything whether he imparts his knowledge to the waiting world or not.

He does appear to know that getting transfers completed is a tricky business and takes a lot longer than he, or the United supporters, would like it to take.

Look at Chelsea, they have only managed to sign Antonio Rüdiger, Timoué Bakayoko, Alvaro Morata and Willy Caballero. So, in three whole weeks, they have only completed deals for four players.

Manchester City are doing slightly better than Chelsea but have still only signed Kyle Walker, Bernardo Silva, Ederson and Danilo. Apparently a deal for Benjamin Mendy just needs rubber-stamping but that will only make it five signings for them in the same three weeks.

United, meanwhile, have managed to sign Victor Lindelof and Romelu Lukaku. There, that just goes to show how difficult it is.

The main difference between the three clubs is that both Chelsea and City realise that, to get the players they want, they have to pay more than they are worth. This they have done and have been rewarded with the arrival of most of their main targets.

Dithering Ed was only prepared to overpay for Romelu Lukaku and this was only because he feared that Chelsea would beat him to the signing if he didn’t. This is a strange turn of events for Ed when one considers how much he overspent when buying Pogba, Di Maria and Fellaini.

Anyhow, at this stage it was difficult to know who was considered to be United’s main striker target as they refused point blank to overpay for Alvaro Morata. Confusion, once again, reigned in the weird and wonderful world of Woodward.

Since signing Lukaku things have gone very quiet. As always many players are rumoured to be of interest to United. Mourinho, in one of his more magnanimous moments, explained that two more players would be ideal but one more would be acceptable.

Quite whether this is an appreciation of how difficult it is to buy players or an acceptance that Dithering Ed isn’t particularly good at this aspect of his job is anybody’s guess. If asked we would guess the latter!

Anyway, whether United buy one more player or two more players, José needs to know. How can he plan his formations for next season without knowing who is going to be in them?

Knowing who is going to be the holding midfielder in 9-0-1 formation is of paramount importance when you are away at Brentford in the FA Cup.

So he needs to be told, by Dithering Ed, how many players are likely to be posing with the shirt in the near future. The problem is that Ed doesn’t know the answer to that one otherwise he would have relayed the information to Mourinho who, like the good sport that he is, would have immediately held a press conference to let the world know!

The one piece of information that would probably make his day, along with thousands of United fans, would be that Ed Woodward is being replaced by a Director of Football. A little like they have at Chelsea and Manchester City, you know, those clubs who are signing the players they want.


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