Chris Smalling To West Brom, Gareth Bale Not Going Anywhere And A Reminder To Ed Woodward

Posted: July 25, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Transfers
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If the press is to be believed, (and why shouldn’t they be?), then Chris Smalling is of major interest to West Bromwich Albion.

He is also rumoured to be of interest to Everton, West Ham, Newcastle, Leicester, Stoke, Crystal Palace and Arsenal with the latter’s interest probably proof of why Arséne Wenger should have resigned at the end of last season.

The West Brom move, however, is one of those which would make sense to all parties. Smalling has struggled to play regularly under José Mourinho whilst Louis van Gaal didn’t even know his name!

He has gone from being the occasional captain of Manchester to being an occasional starter when a player is injured or suspended.

It is our humble opinion that Smalling was never really good enough for a team like United and this is now being proven by the quality of clubs who are expressing an interest in him and his valuation of £10 million when, at 27, he should be at his peak. Added to this is the fact that he is English, which usually means a premium is added to the fee, so the conclusion has to be that he is a very average player.

His problems lie in his ungainliness. At times he looks like Bambi on ice and is always likely to concede free-kicks or, worse still, penalties. This same clumsiness has led to many a mistimed tackle which have in turn, occasionally, resulted in him being sent off.

His positional sense leaves a lot to be desired and his attempted long balls usually end up somewhere close to row Z.

Assuming that Bailly and Lindelof will be the first choice centre backs next season, then United have two players in Jones and Rojo, who can play a number of positions but can certainly be called upon to deputise in central defence if needed.

It seems to have been a long time coming but, with a little luck, we may soon be seeing the last of Chris Smalling in a United shirt.



Manchester United are not going to sign Gareth Bale. These are the kind of headlines we here at WSA always find very amusing. Manchester United are also not going to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

So what? Big deal! If we were to list every player Manchester United AREN’T going to sign then this article would make Tolstoy’s War and Peace look like a hastily scribbled note.

Why do the great British press, (and some others), think it of any interest to the supporters to be told who their club is NOT going to sign during any given transfer window? Yes, we understand there are quiet moments when not much is happening but please, fill them with something a little more interesting than this useless, unwanted nonsense.



And finally just a little reminder to Ed Woodward, something we will keep on providing until he actually signs some more players, (or one, at least).

Manchester City have now signed Ederson, Bernardo Silva, Kyle Walker, Danilo and Benjamin Mendy. All of them in this “difficult” transfer window which, according to José Mourinho when last making excuses for his boss, is full of clubs who don’t need to sell players and have enough money to refuse any offer.

Well, Monaco have plenty of money but City have still managed to take two of their best players. Kyle Walker left Tottenham but United can’t get Eric Dier. Real Madrid have a few bob, but Chelsea still managed to get Alvaro Morata when United couldn’t.

The problem appears to be with the driver of the car rather than the car itself. Cash is king, pay the money and you will get the player. That is being proved with every signing made by Chelsea and City.

Over to you Ed!

  1. RedMe says:

    Not that long ago EW proclaimed that money was no object for United to buy players. This had the desired effect, when United was interested in a player the clubs would put the prices up. Now he doesn’t even want to pay the going rate. He needs to go and do other things. Mourinho must have thought when he took the United job that buying players was going to be a formality because of the magic formula (prestigious manager, biggest club, the richest) but he didn’t count on Merlin Woodward to mess it all up.


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