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There hasn’t been much movement yet by the top six clubs in this transfer window. Only Liverpool have strengthened significantly while, at the other end of the scale, Tottenham Hotspur don’t appear to think that buying anybody is necessary.

Over the next couple of days we take a look at whether the other five can get closer to City next season or even if any of them can overhaul Guardiola’s team.

602  Arsenal

As we have been saying for many a month now Arsenal, as long as Arséne Wenger insists that he is the right man for the job, are going backwards. (more…)



We are talking about what will happen with the top six managers come the end of the season.

Today we look at the managers of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool with the other three spotlighted tomorrow.

Warning!! There now follows some indisputable reasoning and irrefutable logic the like of which is only normally heard when two politicians are arguing the case for their respective parties. (more…)


So Alexis Sánchez may move to Manchester City. Then again, he may not. It all really depends on what mood Pep Guardiola is in at the time.

There was a short period when it seemed that City no longer had any interest in the Chilean but then Gabriel Jesus went and got himself injured and this, it appears, has reignited that interest. City would expect to get him for around £20 million.

If this money is offered to Stubborn Old Man then he would be well advised to take it as the alternative is to let the player go for free in summer. To City it doesn’t make a lot of difference. They either pay the money now, and to Arsenal, or they wait and pay the money in summer but to Sánchez as a signing-on fee. (more…)


The row between José Mourinho and Antonio Conte has now escalated to the point where pistols at dawn could replace the current handbags at teatime.

How has it reached this? How has a simple comment from Mourinho been blown up out of all proportion whereby all past histrionics and bad behaviour are now being quoted on both sides of the argument?

The answer is simple; the media is to blame 100%

Why is the media to blame? Because they are the ones who report, to use a Trumpism, “fake news”. (more…)


602 Arsenal


Going into 2018 and Arsenal fans are now roughly a quarter of the way through their sentence of having to put up with Stubborn Old Man for two years longer than they had hoped.

His resolutions however, should be music to their ears. He WILL try and win Big Vase despite his reluctance to accept promotion to Big Cup if he does so. He will also try and finish in the top four, (just in case plan A fails), and have a go at winning the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. (more…)


Managing a top six club in the English Premier League is a job with a lot of pressure accompanying it.

The rewards for the success of the club and, therefore, the manager, are vast. The price of failure is usually the sack for the manager and a severe loss of revenue for the club.

So how do the different managers cope with the pressures of the job? We looked at the top six as usual. and gave each of them a barometer reading from 0-10 whereby 10 means that they couldn’t handle the pressure any better. (more…)


As another year draws to it’s conclusion in just a week’s time, we look at what the big six managers would have liked for Christmas and try to figure out whether or not they will get their heart’s desire in the near future, (or the January transfer window as it is now known in football circles).

So, in no particular order other than their initial letter and it’s place in the alphabet, here’s our list: (more…)


Well, to start with, if you support a team currently below Tottenham Hotspur then the chances are somewhere between zero and minus ten!

However, your chances improve if you support one of the current top six. Manchester United are currently second and eleven points off the leaders so they, in theory anyway, have the best chance and that would be somewhere between zero and minus five.

So, you see, the higher up the table your team is, the better your chances of winning the title.

Seriously though, can anybody catch City? (more…)


Yes folks, thanks to Burnley’s defeat at Leicester the “Big Six” are, once again, the “Top Six“, although Spurs are clinging on a little to the coat tails of their North London neighbours Arsenal!

Arsenal 602

Stubborn Old Man’s team played very well against Manchester United at The Emirates but failed to come up with the goods in the most important department; goalscoring.

Despite finishing the game with a forward line including Olivier Giroud, Alexandre Lacazette, Danny Welbeck, Alex Iwobi and Alexis Sánchez they could only manage one goal against a defence made up of Antonio Valencia, an ageing winger who can’t defend, Ashley Young, an ageing winger who can’t defend and is being played on the wrong side of the pitch, Chris Smalling, a donkey who should be in the Championship and Marcos Rojo a player in his second game back after months out with injury! (more…)


As we write this, the top six includes Arsenal, something which may not be the case by the time the final whistle is blown at Turf Moor tomorrow.

Whilst no realistically-minded football follower would expect Burnley to finish the season above Arsenal, the possibility cannot be discounted.

But, for the purpose of this exercise, we have to assume that Arsenal will regain their spot among the elite. (more…)