(All targets for top clubs who failed to sign any of them!)

In general the top six did some pretty reasonable transfer business. Manchester United and City both spent fortunes and got the majority of their signings in early. Liverpool also managed to bring in most of the players they wanted.

Tottenham Hotspur had a good final day and only Arsenal and Chelsea could be said to have failed abysmally at getting their targets through the door.

There were, however, some very good players who stayed exactly where they were, sometimes through good management from their clubs and sometimes through rank bad management from the club trying to buy them. Here’s some of the big names that the top six missed out on:

Manchester City

Thanks to their own over-confidence in thinking that, by leaving their offer for Alexis Sánchez until the last day of the window, they would force Arsenal to sell, they actually ended up shooting themselves in the foot.

Arsenal demanded a player plus cash deal, City offered cash only. Arsenal tried to sign Thomas Lemar to replace Sánchez and he decided he didn’t want to join Arsenal at such short notice, a wise decision seeing how things are going at Arsenal presently.

Arsenal need to sell Sánchez and had agreed the fee with City. City should have made their offer a couple of days earlier. If they had done so Sánchez would now be a City player.

Manchester United

Leaving aside the usual boring rumours involving Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, the only player it seems that United really wanted but didn’t get was Ivan Perisić of Inter Milan.

Apparently Inter valued the player at a price higher than United were prepared to pay. We find this reluctance to pay very strange when considering that Dithering Ed happily overpaid, by vast amounts, for Marouane Fellaini, Angel Di Maria, Memphis Depay and Morgan Schneiderlin to name but four. Of these four and, quite surprisingly in some respects, Fellaini is the only one still at the club.

Perisić would have been an excellent addition to the squad and is currently in his peak years. Not signing him will not be the difference between winning the title and not, but it would certainly have helped the cause if they had bought him.

A better option for January would be Thomas Lemar of Monaco.


Most of the headlines concerning Liverpool were about Philippe Coutinho and his desire to play for Barcelona. Not only did Liverpool manage to hold onto him, (which may not be such a good thing), they also managed to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who now faces a fight to get into the team.

So Liverpool didn’t really miss out on any of their targets but they did keep one big player in their ranks. They are, however, still short of a centre forward and a centre back.


Another team who managed to keep their best player despite him wanting to leave. Arsenal are now struggling to attract players. They are no longer a big enough team to bring in players without Champions League football and Arséne Wenger is certainly no attraction for top players any longer.

Their only “target” was Thomas Lemar and they dithered that long before, in a state of absolute panic, they made a massive offer and the player smelled a rat and decided he wanted time to think about it in the full knowledge that the transfer window was about to close. This despite the likes of Giroud and Koscielny trying to persuade him that the club really is OK and he should sign.

Arsenal can forget about top players and Champions League for the next two years at least.


Having secured the signing of their second choice striker, Chelsea also now seem to have a problem attracting players and it has to be down to the manager. They are the current champions and can offer Champions League football so why did Fernando Llorente prefer to go to Spurs, why did Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain opt for Liverpool, why did Romelu Lukaku choose Manchester United and why did Ross Barkley decide that Chelsea were not the right club for him when halfway through his medical with them, (if reports can be believed)?

Could it possibly be because of the way Diego Costa has been treated?

Assuming that these players were being offered good contracts with plenty of money on the table then the fault has to lie with the coach. At least Arsenal can use the excuse that they are not playing in the Champions League, even if Wenger is off-putting for some players. What is Chelsea’s excuse?

Unless counting Romelu Lukaku, it doesn’t appear that they had a “top target” they missed out on.

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs ended up having a very good window thanks to a strong final day. They appear to have signed everybody they wanted and look just as strong, if not stronger, than before. They haven’t, as far as we are aware, missed out on any of their prime targets.

Their only problems this season concern mentality and geography. The players can’t seem to get their heads around playing at White Hart Wembley!


  1. Carlos vela says:

    Yea Its Quiet Normal.,As u Reported Earlier,
    But most of Our Priced Players are Nt of Chelsea’s like’s.,Wen Ask of My/Our Opinion we Fans.
    Wat Drived
    CFC to the likes of Ox.While we Hav Bakayoko.
    Come to luk of injured Barkely.,while havin the like’s of Hazard who has Been Ok Since he Resumed Training and Willian Who is at His Top SpotsPeed.
    Come to think of Old Skul Llorente.,While Belloti is on The Rader..Who Can 100% Partner Morata.
    Most of All Our Choices In This Summer Have Nt Seem To Been Fine.
    Tanks To The Lyks of ZappaCosta nd DannyDrinkwater.
    4rm Their Conference They Show a Habit Which We Fans Are Happy.
    Showin Eagerness nd Thirst For Trophies.
    Its More of Improvment..nd Confidence.
    We Rily Hav a Gud nd Fantastic Squad Ryt Nw.
    And i knw Chelsea Wil Definately Luk Deadly After The World Cup Qualify’s Break.
    Chelsea Shu’ld Luk 4Ward Towards Helping nd Backin Our Ideal Coach Conte.
    He Truely Luv Football..nd Can Do Anything 4 His Team To Progress…And Also Knws The Ryt Player 4 His Team.
    Up CFC.


  2. Carlos vela says:

    Talking abt the rift between conte nd costa.
    Who is to blamed.
    I remember the second tie in the premier league
    Last campaign were conte was tryin to tell costa to adjust a little.,i could see it 2ru were costa rebuff conte showin off his hands above his head.,
    Likely tellin conte to sub him if could.,
    Winding all round like ajagule boi.
    I could also picture 2ru a scenario wer in jan.wen the jan. Transfer window was active.
    I can remember readin a publication.,wer costa was showin his desire to leave wen jose was aut nd conte inn.takin his attention away 4rm his team atlarge.
    Com to luk of costa presently nw in brazil..many miles away from cobham..instead for him to come bak and set his way aut.
    But was ther at brazil takin selfie wit athletico madrid conte a hug.
    Hmmm..i wonder such a player.
    Wen u pictured through reasons above u can say conte is neva the problem chelse have on wen it comes to buyin players.
    More ova conte is neva the 1 buyin players.
    Bt only making nd stating his choices.


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