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Manchester United got back to winning ways with a reasonably convincing win away at Bournemouth on Wednesday evening.

Mourinho rang the changes, as he said he would, but nobody really believed him when he said the players were playing for a place against Tottenham in the FA Cup semi-final.

If that was the case then Alexis Sánchez won’t be playing as he didn’t feature at all, despite sitting on the bench for the whole game.

Neither of United’s answer to Waldorf and Stadler played for one minute so can we expect them to be left out against Spurs. They should be using Mourinho’s logic as Darmian and Shaw did nothing wrong. (more…)



The short answer to that one is; none.

Having said that, the likelihood of David De Gea being sold unless he wants to be sold is practically zero. The same can probably be said about Romelu Lukaku who, in his first season and with plenty of critics, has still managed to score 26 goals in all his appearances to date.

Alexis Sánchez would also be on the “unlikely to be sold” list as he is a genuinely world class player and Mourinho will expect to see the best of him next season when he will have had a full pre-season build-up with the squad.

Nemanja Matić, as a Mourinho favourite, is probably also safe from the chop.

Anybody else would appear to be fair game. (more…)


Let’s start by being honest. José Mourinho does and says lots of things with which we disagree. That does not make him a bad manager. In fact, his record of trophies and championships would suggest that he is a very good manager.

His style of football is not to everyone’s liking but it does, in the main, get the job done. Or, at least, it has done until very recently.

Last season he was a mile away from winning the Premier League, as was Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. The reasons, according to the experts, were simple; “old players”, “new manager”, “needs time to settle in” and other such clichés were being bandied around in an attempt to excuse the failure of the two new Manchester residents. (more…)


This may seem like a strange statement to make when you take into consideration the fact that the club are very likely to finish second this season and to an almost invincible Manchester City. The fact is though, that this United team flatters to deceive, they are kidding a few people into thinking they really are the second best team in the country.

On number of points achieved there is no argument but, for everything else, it depends on which definition of “best” is being used at the time!

Are they the second best team to watch? NO. Are they the second best team in terms of goals scored? NO. Do they have the second best possession statistics? NO. In fact, on the last stat, they are 6th and only 0.1% better than Southampton! (source: Transfermarkt). (more…)


It’s back! The Premier League has returned. After an enforced break during which we witnessed……..well…….nothing really except England and Scotland both won a meaningless game of football, (it’s the meaningful ones with which they have a problem), business as usual is restored to the nation.

The top six are all back in action and here we look at what has happened and what will happen in their games. (more…)


Stubborn Old Man has now decided he is having to endure criticism because he is 68 years old! By attempting to apportion blame to absolutely anything as long as it isn’t himself he is displaying perfectly the detrimental aspect of ageing.

Honestly, the man is becoming a joke and the sooner he leaves Arsenal to be replaced by another manager the better! Not because of his age but because of his attitude and poor recent record!

He is being criticised because his team is rubbish. His team has been rubbish for the last few years and, as far as the Champion’s League goes, has been rubbish for the last twenty!

Arsenal fans are now fed up with his refusal to accept the obvious and take an executive role at the club. They are not bothered about his age. (more…)


Back in 2013 when “Sir Alex of Govan” retired he placed his ceremonial sword in a hole in a convenient stone. Fed up with the lack of competition in the Premier League and annoyed by the quality of opposition in the Champion’s League, he decided to call it a day.

Now the sword was just waiting to be removed by his rightful heir.

First up was “Moyes the Clueless” another Scot, indeed another Glaswegian and also a favourite of Lord Ferg. But try as he might he could not budge the sword. Despite signing world-class talent such as the coveted Marouane Fellaini and actually reaching the quarter finals of the Champion’s League, he really didn’t have a clue how to manage Manchester United. (more…)


Providing José Mourinho tones down his criticism of Manchester United’s past, their heritage and previous managers, he will probably still be manager next season. He will, however, have to start proving that he is as brilliant as he says he is and a good start would be to remain level with, or ahead of, Manchester City in the opening weeks of the new season.

In an attempt to rein in Guardiola’s team, Mourinho will clear some of the deadwood lying around in the dusty corners of Carrington so that he can bring in yet more new players because, in all fairness, £300 million goes absolutely nowhere these days.

Out of the door should go, in no particular order of preference:- (more…)


That’s an easy one, we can almost hear you say. Money, money and even more money!

Sorry, far too simplistic a reason and always the first excuse used when a player moves from one big club to another. In the case of Nemanja Matić, for example, he may be collecting a bigger pay packet at United but his primary reason for jumping the Chelsea ship was to rejoin José Mourinho, so the club and the salary whilst important, were secondary considerations.

Many players, over the last few years, have left Arsenal and, while Stubborn Old Man is in charge, will continue to do so. This again isn’t about money it’s about ambition and wanting to win trophies. Yes, if they are good enough, the player in question will always receive more money when he moves to a bigger club, but what difference to his lifestyle is an extra £50k per week really going to make when added to the £150k he is already being paid? (more…)


After widespread and consistent reports about bust-ups in training with Paul Pogba about his position in the team, his form and maybe even his demeanor, reports are now emerging about a bust-up with Alexis Sánchez.

If true, it is likely that this would also be about position in the team as top players nowadays seem to think they need to tell the manager where to play them.

What is it with Mourinho and his “star” players? (more…)