Will Mesut Özil Finally Get To Manchester United At The Third Time Of Asking?

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Transfers
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When Mesut Özil was first recognised as a very good player he was with Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga. He was also part of the successful German national team which beat England in the game where Frank Lampard had a goal disallowed when the referee, in a moment of instant sight loss, decided that the ball, which was two feet over the line, hadn’t crossed the line!

This was in 2010 and, in that same year, Özil agreed a move to Real Madrid.

There was a story at the time that Sir Alex Ferguson went down to London to try and sign him but the deal with Madrid had already been agreed.

Werder Bremen had been playing Fulham in a pre-season friendly at Craven Cottage and Fergie thought that a deal was still possible. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and United missed out on some of his best years.

In 2013 Özil, for some reason, fell foul of his coaches at Madrid and they decided to sell him. It was very quick decision and, as the player himself said, “At the weekend, I was certain I would stay at Real Madrid but afterwards I realised I did not have the faith from the coach or the bosses.

Despite hanging on until the eleventh hour for a call from Manchester United, none was forthcoming, and Özil signed for Arsenal. It was a deal reportedly worth £42 million and made him the most expensive German player in history. His contract also included a first refusal buy-back option for Real Madrid should Arsenal decide to sell him to a Spanish club.

So now United had failed to sign Özil on two occasions. The first time the club wanted him, the second time he wanted the club but it seemed like a case of never the twain shall meet.

Now there is, possibly, a third opportunity for a deal to be done. Özil’s contract with Arsenal expires next year and there doesn’t appear to be any desire to sign a new one. This is hardly surprising considering the current state of the club.

Their best player, Alexis Sánchez, wants to join a more ambitious club and play in the Champion’s League, so he will probably leave in January but, if not, then he will certainly leave at the end of the season.

They have a manager who is clinging on by his fingernails to a job which is now beyond him. He hasn’t adapted to the changing face of Premier League football and insists on hanging around with the club in reverse gear as long as he stays in charge.

These are observations which Özil cannot fail to have made and he, like Sánchez, now sees his future elsewhere.

Does José Mourinho need, or even want, Mesut Özil?

Despite the fact that United and the German seemed destined never to join forces, there would appear to be a chance, again, for Özil to join the club for which he would most like to play. The ball would now appear to be in the court of José Mourinho.

Signing the player in January would not necessarily make much sense. There would be a fee involved, probably around £25 million, and he would be cup-tied for the Champion’s League and, probably, the FA Cup. So, barring injuries to other midfielders, he shouldn’t be bought in the next transfer window.

Next Summer, however, there would be no fee. He would be nearly thirty years of age which means he would still probably have three or four years left at the top. At his best he would still get into this United team as he is better than most of what they already have and would form a formidable midfield along with Pogba and Matić.

He has also worked under José Mourinho in the past whilst the pair were at Real Madrid and they seem to get on very well together which is another important aspect of any deal which may transpire.

Will it happen this time? Will it be third time lucky for Özil? As we have said, do United even want or need him?

We think it could be on the cards for the Summer transfer window, what do you think? Let us know below.


  1. James Taylor says:

    Not me! I want to see Bobby Wood and Pulisic bought with an eye for the future.


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