Manchester United And Manchester City Are Back In Action Soon, As Are The Rest

Posted: October 11, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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It’s almost back! Like the long awaited return of your favourite TV show, Premier League football will soon be re-appearing at a ground near you. All that remains now is to try and remember what happened in the last episode of the previous series.

Why is it that two weeks seems such a long time when we managed to get through the close season with relatively little difficulty? Well, we’ll tell you why, ‘cos we know. It’s because we are all mentally prepared for a long break in the Summer, but we have difficulty accepting that the new season grinds to a halt almost immediately after it begins. It’s like finally taking delivery of your new car, after waiting for two months, only for it to break down within the first mile.

Anyway, the qualifiers are now out of the way except for a few play-offs to decide some final places and we now don’t have to think about another international yawn until……..when?!!! November?!!! But that’s only another month away! What kind of car is this? It just keeps on breaking down!

The next time real football makes way for international Subbuteo is for a couple of friendlies. Yes, folks, you read it correctly. FRIENDLIES! Premier League football will be paused, yet again, so that England’s future World Cup winners can see how good/bad they really are by playing Brazil and Germany. Not at the same time you’ll be pleased to hear as they will probably have no difficulty losing to both separately.

Gawpy Gareth will discover that, having thrashed Slovenia 1-0 and hammered Lithuania by the same score, his players are more than ready to take on the world’s best. His team of “players-who-can’t-get-into-their-club’s-team-except-for-Harry-Kane” will show those pesky boys from Brazil and the Fatherland’s finest just how the game of football should be played. That doesn’t mean that they will win either of the games, because they won’t. It just means that they will show those pesky boys from Brazil and the Fatherland’s finest just how the game of football should be played. Remember, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts, it says here.

Anyway, this is all due to happen long after Liverpool and Manchester United meet at Anfield where José Mourinho will be looking to mastermind another win over his old rivals.

He will have to do so without his favourite player as Marouane Fellaini now has ligament damage thanks to the international injury window, but there is no real evidence that he would have started anyway as Liverpool’s midfield is quite mobile and speedy, two adjectives which will never be used to describe the Belgian.

As we have retired from the prediction game, all we will say about the match is that José may manage a smile at full time.

In other games Manchester City take on Stoke City at The Etihad and Crystal Palace play Chelsea at Selhurst Park.

For City, Vincent Kompany was already injured prior to the break and, as far as we know, nobody else managed to do any damage to themselves over the last couple of weeks so that should be a fairly routine win.

Chelsea may find that Mr. Roy, having had those two weeks to work with his players, has taught them how to defend and they may even have to settle for a point. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Tottenham Hotspur will line up against Bournemouth with Ballon D’Or cert Harry Kane looking to add to his tally, and quickly, having wasted the entire month of August pussy-footing around like a ballerina, (yet again). Expect him to get at least two goals.

Stubborn old man will travel the short distance up to Watford where he will oversee a defeat. This will further enrage already disgruntled Gooners who will call for him to vacate his position in a very polite demonstration of their dissatisfaction.

He, as usual, will completely ignore their pleas and, on Monday, will announce that he is signing a new twenty year contract which will keep him at the club until he is 87.

This will allow him to fulfil his ambition to manage in the lower divisions whilst remaining with Arsenal, something he has always thought would be a suitable challenge for a man of his many talents.

So there it is in a nutshell. The Premier League is almost back and the smell of those nasty internationals is fading fast.

Good luck to you and your team, whoever they may be


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